Ilana Razbash, Rachel Iampolski, Savanna Wegman & Ceridwen McCooey

An interdisciplinary collaborative project between Ilana Razbash (Architect, RMIT BArchDes. MArch Alumnus), Rachel Iampolski (PhD Candidate, RMIT Centre for Urban Research), Savanna Wegman (Digital Artist, co-director of STRANGEkit) and Ceridwen McCooey (Composer, Musician, MCM Honours student) born out of their collaborations and generative outcomes on the RE/SET Exhibition at RMIT First Site gallery in 2021.

– Ilana Razbash is an architect, curator and public speaker interested in plurality within architecture and creating public spaces for communities to thrive. Ilana brings her project delivery, architectural design and thinking along with 3D modelling skills to the project team.

– Rachel Iampolski is a researcher, curator and creative producer interested in subversive placemaking, liminal spaces and translating research into creative spatial outputs.

– Savanna Wegman is a digital artist and theatremaker interested in the interrelation of digital and non-digital scenographies. Savanna brings her augmented reality and projection experience to the project team.

– Ceridwen McCooey is an award winning composer and musician specialising in solo cello and electronic looping pedal. Ceridwen brings her digital music composition and production experience to the project.