In 2021, Melbourne Design Week explored the theme ‘Design the world you want’ and asked designers to consider how they could collaborate to create a healthier future.

In 2022, the program continues with this call-to-action to celebrate the diverse ways design can work towards this better future.

Two pillars – civic good and making good – provide a focused exploration of the main theme.

Civic Good

Design and creativity can transform aspects of society by benefiting everyone rather than individuals. The thematic of ‘civic good’ encourages participants to think beyond the individual, and look to the objects, buildings, designs and services that make people feel part of a community, and importantly, serve the common interest.

Making Good

The value of a design is not only judged through its functional or aesthetic impact, but also on its environmental and social impact on the planet. Whether digital or physical, handmade or manufactured, service, system or object, making good considers the many ways in which ideas and experiments are realised through the lens of ethical and sustainable practices that rethink design processes, production and materials.

Melbourne Design Week is underpinned by five core principles developed by Creative Victoria as part of the Creative State 2025. These are:

• First Peoples first (including the 11 Guiding Principles of Aboriginal Self-Determination)
• For every Victorian
• Whole of state
• Health and wellbeing, and
• Environmental impact.

For more information in the Creative State 2025 Strategy visit Creative State 2025