Emma Luke, Kate Geck and Judith Glover

We are a group of design academics from RMIT University interested in eloquent and holistic approaches to the design of post-digital objects for health and wellbeing at the intersection of the digital, material and human. Emma Luke is a designer, maker and researcher working at the intersection of industrial design, jewellery and HCI. With a background in watches, bags and contemporary jewellery, she has worked in global brands and her own labels exhibiting her work at Melbourne Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and in Vogue Magazine. Central to Emma’s creative practice is a passion for elegant, lasting wearable design interventions and post digital craft practice. Her research explores the encoding of value in wearable technology through a series of trans-disciplinary and collaborative wearable technology projects such as CaT pin, a wearable to detect loneliness (Telstra Designing for Ageing Well Challenge winner 2019). Emma’s work investigates the potential of techno animism, data, materiality, aesthetics and personalisation to inform the development of holistic wearables for health and wellbeing. A lecturer in the industrial design program at RMIT she is also a co-director of W+SN (the Wearables + Sensing Network). / Kate Geck is an artist interested in network culture, who is working in Narrm/Melbourne on unceded Wurundjeri land. She works with code, installation and textiles to create augmented surfaces and interactive experiences. Her practice-based research is focused on ways to materialise the seemingly immaterial nature of data and networks. Invoking the language of the Internet, her glitch and emoji laden aesthetic critiques a hyper-mediated age, creating sites of respite and resistance that think through alternative agendas for networked technologies. She has exhibited in Australia and abroad, with funding and commissions from a range of local, national and international organisations, including a 2020 commission for the work ‘rlx: tech ~digital spa~’ from the University of Queensland Art Museum. She is presently an Industry Fellow in the Bachelor of Interior Design (Honours) at RMIT University where she co-ordinates the Communications stream. She is also a member of the HASH Network, the Wearable + Sensing Network and the Care-full Design Lab; each at RMIT. / Dr Judith Glover is a researcher and Industrial Design practitioner at RMIT University. While having a broad and varied range of experiences in design, fabrication, research and teaching, her current material practice is in ceramic slip-cast production. Interested in the intersection of new and old technologies her projects have explored how digital technologies such as parametric modelling and 3d ceramic printing can be utilised with traditional manufacturing techniques. Exhibiting widely both locally and internationally she was named as a finalist in the 2019 Inaugural Women in Design Award for the Good Design Awards, she is also a co-director of W+SN (the Wearables + Sensing Network).