Beyond the Built Environment (BBE), Culture as Creative, Sandra Githinji and Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)

Beyond the Built Environment (BBE): Beyond the Built Environment was founded by Pascale Sablan and uniquely addresses the inequitable disparities in architecture by providing a holistic platform aimed to support numerous stages of the architecture pipeline. They promote agency among diverse audiences and advocate for equity in the built environment through our approach which utilizes a method termed “the triple E, C”. The triple E, C method is a strategy to: Engage, Elevate, Educate, and Collaborate. They engage diverse audiences through programming promoting intellectual discourse and exchange to better achieve a just and equitable built environment. They elevate the identities and contributions of minority architects and designers through exhibitions, curated lectures, and documentaries that testify to the provided value of their built work and its spatial impact. They educate the masses through formal and informal learning opportunities that introduce architecture as a bridge to fill the gaps of inequity. They collaborate with community stakeholders and organizations to crowdsource information and amplify opportunities to advocate for equitable and reflectively diverse environments.

Culture as Creative: culture as creative was founded by Kholisile Dhliwayo in 2019. Kholisile has been working in architecture for the last 10 years and in the construction industry for 15 years. he has worked on major projects in New York, Toronto, Melbourne and Sydney.
Culture as Creative is a multi-disciplinary practice focused on engaging with the ideas and customs of people through the design of architectural, interior and installation interventions.

Sandra Githinji: Sandra Githinji design studio is a multi-disciplinary design practice that sits at the intersection of research, art, technology, and the built environment, founded by Sandra Githinji in 2019. Her design philosophy is informed by a fascination with the history of things. By combining historical research and listening intently to her clients’ experiences and memories, she weaves a depth of cross-cultural storytelling into every space and object. She strives to connect people to a shared awareness of the present, as both a continuum of the past and a platform for the future.

Australian Institute of Architects (AIA): Established in 1930, the Australian Institute of Architects is the peak body for the architecture profession in Australia. We represent over 12,000 members globally and are dedicated to improving our built environment and the communities we call home by promoting quality, responsible, sustainable design.