Ara Dolatian

My name is Ara Dolatian, I’m a visual artist based in Melbourne, I studied Visual Arts Sculpture at RMIT University, finished in 2012 and continued with a Master in Environment and Planning, I’ve been practising since with a minimum of one solo show a year developed at my studio at West Footscray. My work explores and the notions of hybrid ecologies within the context of studio-based sculptural practice and in particular material research and investigation. It can be read through the contexts of philosophy, technology, biology, and ecologies. My interest in ceramics started during my second year at Uni, I wanted to make an organ-like vessel to hold different coloured liquids, the installation acted as a drawing machine for 48 hours within the gallery space. The project was my first Solo exhibition. I remember my lecturer at the time Laura Woodward helping me with slip casting and giving tips throughout the project. I think this is how it all started. Since then I have always integrated ceramics within my practice, alongside plants, mist, water and neon. Since COVID I started making ceramics as independent objects not necessarily part of an installation or a project.