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Fri 25 Mar
1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Onsite tours
Fri 25 Mar
5:00 pm – 7:00 pm


Revival Projects
111 Islington St, Collingwood VIC 3066, Australia

Zero Footprint Repurposing, Stephanie Neville

Zero Footprint Repurposing Past Event

Presented by Revival Projects

Almost half of waste worldwide comes from construction and demolition waste. To address this global problem, Revival Projects has set up one of the world’s first free repurposing hubs in the heart of Collingwood to facilitate repurposing initiatives on an unprecedented scale. The 100 year-old, 1500 square-metre warehouse will be demolished in 2024 to make way for a new development designed by Grimshaw Architects that will repurpose the materials from this site. In the interim, Revival Projects has invited the design and construction industry to use the space to store demolished materials while associated developments come to life and repurposing becomes possible. For one special day, this warehouse is open to tours where visitors can visit the facility, learn about the materials onsite, and discover how designers, builders and clients can revolutionise the industry approach to repurposing. The tours will be followed by a talk hosted by Grimshaw Architects and Revival Projects.

Materials on site have been supplied by FJMT architects, Perri Projects, Beulah International, Edition Office, BAR Studio, Hip V Hype, Kerstin Thompson Architects, Assemble Communities, Grimshaw Architects, ANPlus Developments and Bayley Ward Architects among others.


Robbie Neville

The inception of Revival, was borne out of frustration at how difficult it is to adopt a sustainable approach to construction in Australia, in-particular how challenging it is to simply use the materials we already have available to us. To offer a holistic approach, Robbie established Revival as a mutlidisciplinary sustainable practice,  presenting as structural engineers, builders (Commercial & Domestic) furniture makers and facilitators of major salvage operations.  Robbie’s mission is to change the way our industry perceives & approaches existing materials, and to normalize repurposing as a fundamental element of new development.

Harriet Oswald

Driven to create human-centred design that is functional, elegant and responsive to environment and social contexts, Harriet is an accomplished architect with global experience. She is Co-chair of Grimshaw’s Energy and Environment Portfolio in Melbourne, a leader of the studio’s Design Review and Mentoring programmes, and an advocate for women in architecture. Currently, Harriet is the project lead for Islington Street – the site of the Zero Footprint Repurposing hub – which is set to be transformed into a contemporary warehouse workplace.

Ingrid Langtry

Ingrid is the Place, Retail & Experience Manager at Assemble Communities, leading the vision and strategy around Assemble’s ground planes, retail and commercial elements, but most importantly the resident and broader neighbourhood experience across Assemble’s sites. Formerly working with urban strategists Right Angle Studio, Ingrid also straddles hospitality and co-owns sustainable restaurants Ladro. She has an undying passion to seek environmentally conscious solutions to design and develop sustainable neighbourhoods – places people feel good about being in.

Liam Wallis

Founder and Managing Director of HIP V. HYPE, Liam is a creative entrepreneur, driven by a desire to use business as a tool to create a better, more resilient, prosperous world for all. At HIP V. HYPE, on top of his Director duties across the business, Liam is focussed on the creation and curation of more innovative and more sustainable models for property development.