Tue 22 Mar
10:00 am – 12:00 pm


RMIT Design Archives
RMIT Design Archives, Victoria Street, Carlton VIC, Australia

Aaron Nguyen Luna AFO, 2021 James Dyson Award National Winner is RMIT University’s Aaron Nguyen, designer of the LUNA Modular AFO, an Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) system for children with Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia (HSP), designed to adapt to the growing users modularly increasing the AFOs product life and comfort for the user.

Wearables, Digital Ethics and Sustainability Past Event

Presented by Emma Luke, Kate Geck and Judith Glover

How do we navigate the emerging challenges of digital ethics and sustainability in wearables and biosensing devices to ‘make good’ solutions for digital health and wellbeing?

Join the RMIT W+SN network and Melbourne based researcher’s for a discussion around the opportunities and challenges posed by A.I, digital ethics and sustainability.

The event aims to explore the potential of transdisciplinary approaches to ‘designing the world we want’ whilst responding to complex emerging technological and
environmental problems of our time. Positing a holistic approach to data, technology, and digital health as critical to a healthy post-digital future.


Dr. Lisa Dethridge

Lisa Dethridge is a researcher of virtual worlds, facilitator, and writer for online collaborative environments; specialising in Ethical Artificial Intelligence; Chatbots; 3D virtual worlds; film, TV and print. Lisa Dethridge has produced media for web, film, television, theatre, radio, print, telecoms and virtual environments in Australia and the United States. She supervises research in Games, Robotics, Transhumanism, Virtual Environments, Artificial Intelligence and Digital Media at the RMIT University School of Media and Communication.

Stephanie Camarena

A systems thinker, Stephanie works with organisations to co-design processes, products or services that integrate life cycle thinking approaches. Coming from a technology and business transformation delivery background Stephanie brings a level of rigour to how she manages and organises stakeholders to solve complex problems with high returns on the effort invested. A PhD student in Design Innovation at RMIT, Stephanie is bringing her diverse expertise in Design and Artificial Intelligence to advance the transition to sustainable food systems.

Kate Geck

Kate Geck is an artist interested in network culture, who is working in narrm/melbourne on unceded Wurundjeri land. She works with code, installation and textiles to create augmented surfaces and interactive experiences. Her practice-based research is focused on ways to materialise the seemingly immaterial nature of data and networks. Invoking the language of the internet, her glitch and emoji laden aesthetic critiques a hyper-mediated age, creating sites of respite and resistance that think through alternative agendas for networked technologies.

Simon Lockrey, Sustainable Design and E-waste

Dr Simon Lockrey bridges the gap between technical, commercial, creative, and sustainability fields. His experience has been wide and varied. Products he has designed have won Australian Design Awards, and the internationally recognized Red Dot Award. Dr Lockrey is currently an Associate Professor at RMIT in sustainability and design, Executive Director of Glowpear,  sits on the board of International Sustainable Development Research Society and is the Interim Program Leader at the Fight Food Waste CRC.

Gordon Young

Gordon Young is the principal of Ethilogical Consulting. As a professional ethicist he offers extensive understanding of decision-making methodologies, value articulation, challenge management and strategic planning necessary for success in today’s hyper-connected world. Gordon is a lecturer in Professional Ethics with RMIT University’s prestigious School of Design, and has provided consulting services to the St James Ethics Centre, Australian Scout Association, Rotary Australia, Australian Association for Professional & Applied Ethics, Laneway Learnings, and Australian Volunteers for International Development.