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Besheen Chair, Vital Pleasures

Vital Pleasures Past Event

Presented by Its Nice Inside

Vital Pleasures is a group exhibition of physical, digital, and paper design works from a diverse range of furniture designers from Australia and the USA. The exhibition offers a platform for designers to question what it means to design and create in a world of uncertain futures.

After being held in one of the longest consecutive lockdowns of any city in the world, Vital Pleasures aims to re-unite locals on the lands of the Kulin Nation to the lost pleasures of connectivity. The exhibition addresses the many moods in which designers have continued to work and stay connected through the dreariness and isolation of lockdown, highlighting that design always has the capacity to re-instate pleasure and connectivity.


Billie Civello

Billie Civello (They/Them) is a designer-maker based on the lands of the Kulin Nation who recently graduated from an Associate degree of Furniture Design at RMIT. Billie designs with a reductionist approach to materials that allows their work to be dismantled or recycled for future use. Using this rhetoric they have explored steel, perspex, recycled clothing and plaster to create various objects and furnishings. While integrating narratives and motifs through a queer lens, Billie’s designs are also heavily informed by modernist principles.

Dalton Stewart

Dalton Stewart lives on the lands of the Kulin Nation working across contemporary art, architecture and most recently furniture. He is undertaking a Master of Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design, with a research focus on queer theory and the reciprocal interactions between the disciplines of art and architecture. Dalton Stewarts practice gives form to ideas that experiment with simple materials and processes that appear formal and abstract.  He designs objects that are informed by the language of minimalism and digital tools. The work contains narratives and themes related to the body, sexuality and poetics.

Tom Hancocks

Tom Hancocks (He/Him), is a self-taught New York-based designer and artist born on the lands of the Kulin Nation. He is known for bringing objects and spaces to life in the digital realm. Evocative and often surreal, his cinematic renderings have attracted commissions for a wide range of projects, including motion projections for Lauryn Hill, set design for Cole Haan, and virtual interiors for RBW.

Tayla Ross

Tayla Ross (She/Her) is an artist based on the lands of Kulin Nation working primarily with ceramics. Her work explores both the beauty and brutality of clay, an unforgiving material that responds to touch, movement, and emotion.

Casey Chong

Working closely with materials, aesthetics and the senses, Casey Chong (She/Her) brings together eccentric yet functional artworks that border furniture, sculptures and crafted objects. Refusing to be categorised by a particular style or identity, Chong Office embraces the ambiguity and contradiction throughout the creative process.

Kouros Maghsoudi

Kouros Maghsoudi (He/Him) is a queer designer based in New York City (NYC) whose digital work is translated to sustainable corn-based plastic furniture inspired by his Persian heritage. He recently debuted his first collection at NYC Design Week 2021.

Jordan Gogos

Jordan Gogos (He/Him) is a multidisciplinary Sydney-based furniture and fashion designer renowned for his contemporary take on objects as furniture. Known for bold colours and eclectic prints as wearable art, Jordan debuted this year at AAFW 2021.

Jack Alexander Halls

Jack Alexander Halls (He/Him) is a designer and architect based on the lands of the Kulin Nation. Jack’s practice investigates an interdisciplinary creative terrain encompassing installation, design, architecture and craft with the intention of building new ways of understanding the role of design.

Bianca Censori

Bianca Censori (She/Her) is Los Angeles based, and currently works architectural designer for Kanye West. Her work engages with philosophical, aesthetic, and cultural references: these tropes generate contextual frameworks in which she designs buildings and objects.

Nusi Quero

Nusi Quero (He/Him) is a Los Angeles based artist who works between the virtual and physical realms. His digital designs have translated into a series of futuristic 3D printed rendered couture pieces. He has commissioned work for artists such as Grimes, Aespa and SZA.

Julian Leigh May

Julian Leigh May (They/Them) is an experimental designer embracing a broad spectrum of disciplines and mediums within Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). Their work transcends the barriers between art and design, from furniture, lighting and object design.