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Havn Store
HAVN, 198-200 Gertrude St Ground Floor, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

VESSEL, Rhys Cooper

VESSEL Past Event

Presented by Rhys Cooper, James Walsh and Zachary Hanna

Vessel focuses on the shared dining experience, including the connection, interaction and discussion that comes with breaking bread and sharing a meal with others. Vessel encapsulates this experience in the exploration of one typology: the jug. Of all the dining accoutrements, a jug, in its various forms, is a truly shared object of the table. It also facilitates an act of service, where participants of the meal serve each other various drinks. This exhibition explores how vessels can vary across cultures and cuisines, and come in various forms. It also displays hypothetical vessels, or new ways of facilitating a shared experience.


Rhys Cooper

Rhys Cooper is a furniture, lighting and object designer.‍ Establishing his studio in 2016, Rhys utilises a range of high quality materials and processes working with local Australian industry and craftspeople. Rhys is driven to create dynamic and original work that is a harmonious balance between artistic integrity and producibility. His collection of work looks to create new dialogues.

James Walsh

Melbourne-based furniture and industrial designer James Walsh graduated from RMIT university in 2017. Designing furniture and homewares for his own studio brand and leading Australian companies, his practice demonstrates a combination of traditional, often primitive design methods with contemporary techniques. Throughout James’ body of work a prevalent theme throughout is his interest in the use of waste materials that demonstrate a cultural significance.

Zachary Hanna

Zachary Hanna is a Sydney-based designer who creates objects, products and furniture. Hanna’s design process centres on investigating the way in which people interact with the objects around them and exploring this relationship throughout his work to produce functional and beautiful solutions.

Patryk Koca

Patryk Koca is an experienced Sydney-based product designer with a passion for pragmatic functionality and poetic beauty. Born to a family of artists he aims to converge his experiences into practical solutions through a marriage of craftsmanship and technologies.

Ash Corbett-Smith

Ashley Corbett-Smith is a Sydney-based designer working in product, furniture and lighting design. Not limited to a single material, style, theme or process, over the past several years he has worked on countless small- and large-scale projects and installations. From upholstery to wood carving, turning, machining and cabinetry, marquetry, cast and welded metals, cast and slumped glass, stone, ceramics, lighting, resin and possibly more, he is comfortable with uncertainty.

Jason O'Neill

Jason O’Neill is a highly skilled Australian industrial designer who brings relevant problem solving skills and creative thinking to his designs. A focus on sustainable materials and small batch production methods, he continuously seeks to collaborate and create original, quality conscious objects.

Kenny Yong-soo Son

Kenny (Yong-soo) Son of Studiokyss is an object designer-maker who has a simple goal of creating work that has life, and objects that add significance and value to everyday environments. Materialising work between the decorative and functional, and the ability to transcend both craft and design mediums, Kenny is interested in creating work that has the ability to interact physically and emotionally with the users, essentially giving longevity to the object.

Rachel Griffin

Earnest Studio was founded by American-born, Netherlands-based designer Rachel Griffin. Its work applies themes of modularity and multiplicity to a spectrum of projects – ranging from theory to serial productions – following a fascination for simple, flexible structures with a forthright attitude toward material.

Katharina Ruhm

Katharina Ruhm is a Berlin-based designer. Her works transcend between collectible design and material research. Each of her projects are firm reflections on mass and serial production. Katharina’s design results from considerate observations of production processes, and how different materials naturally behave. These observations inform her ability to allow for natural behaviours in her own making, and therefore the true quality within the processed materials. It is as if the material itself were an almost autarkic formgeber. Katharina desires disparities, transformations and even mistakes. It is not a constructed idea or a precise shape that first determines her outcomes; Katharina gives way for the material to take the lead in the process.

Sasa Barnes

Sasa Barnes is drawn to anything creative, producing portraiture for commission and constantly experimenting with new and exciting ways to create and produce a wide range of things.

Anna Varendorff

Anna Varendorff is an artist and sculptor. Creating installations, she works by herself and also collaboratively with other artists, engaging audiences through interaction and by making opportunities for those encountering her work to experience it in perceptual or physical ways. She has a Master of Fine Art degree from Monash University, and has exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally. In 2016 she began design practice A.C.V Studio in order to explore the boundary between the functional and the idiosyncratic in utilitarian objects.