If suscessful we would hold this exhibition in the showroom of a vegan business in Collingwood/Fitzroy using their window and shopfront - approx. 20m2 floorspace

Vegan Materials for Construction and Interiors

Presented by DL Collective

We would love to present an educational exhibition on selecting and specifying animal and cruelty free materials through the construction and interior design process.
With Veganism on the rise for ethical and sustainability reasons, many people are looking to incorporate these principals further than their diet and clothing choices.
Construction and interiors currently do not have to specify if animal products are used, and many consumers do not think to check or even realise that there are easy changes to avoid some animal products being used within their homes.
We aim to educate and simplify this for specifiers and consumers by showcasing the best alternative materials, easy swaps and common mistakes.
We believe that this will empower people to make choices in line with their personal beliefs, for a more ethical and sustainable future, creating the world we want to live in.