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Oigåll Projects
122 Gertrude St, 122 Gertrude St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia

Annika Kafcaloudis courtesy of New Assemblage

Showcase Past Event

Presented by New Assemblage

Showcase by NEW ASSEMBLAGE presents emerging and established designers, artist and craftspeople from around Australia to exhibit developed and experimental work.


Elizabeth Lewis

Elizabeth Lewis is an artist based on Eora land in Sydney, Australia, and a recent graduate of Fine Arts Hons from UNSW Art + Design. She works with hand-built ceramics, fired many times over for rich colour and differing texture, to create stylised, sugary vessels that engage with transformative symbols. The silhouettes of these forms leave room for ideas of projected floral architecture as if in collaboration with a future owner. An artist in residence at Experimental Ceramic Studios, she has been a finalist in multiple art prizes and exhibited across Australia and in Milan, Italy.

SOZOU studio

​SOZOU is a lighting and product design studio based in Melbourne, Australia, established in 2019. The studio produces lighting and objects which act as a poetic word in a space without overwhelming its personality. Each object is hand made and finished in its Melbourne workshop to ensure the highest quality, and to enhance the emotion-centric studio philosophy. Kohtaroh Colwell-Matsuura, the designer of SOZOU studio, was born and raised in Tokyo and now based in Melbourne. While he practiced visual art, Kohtaroh developed his interest towards design and multicultural aesthetics. He started to practice design since he arrived Australia in 2013, and keeps cultivating his passion and philosophy based on various perspectives; east and west, emotional art and beauty of functionality.

Bobby Corica

Bobby Corica of Sguscio is a jewellery designer working out of his studio in Brunswick East on the lands of the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung people of the Kulin Nation. References to genetics, memory and, family are lensed by his Italo-Australian heritage. Bobby’s work oscillates between humorous and macabre, resulting in highly textured, unique one-off pieces.

Queena Grot

Queena Grot is about seeking form through spontaneity and wonder, balanced by this want to shape how light is thrown across a room, the shadows it creates, hoping that something imperfectly human emerges, something useful that is also unique, timeless and in its own way, ridiculous. Queena Grot is the self-taught ceramic practice of Pamela Rosel, a bi-cultural Filipino/Australian creative working out of Brisbane (Meanjin). She is a graphic and digital designer by trade and this practice is her running away from that. Her work explores sparking intimacy and connection through the hyper-personal, particularly in moments of solitude. She is also the vocalist in Meanjin band Guppy.

Belle Thierry

Belle Thierry is a Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga) based visual artist whose practice incorporates elements of ceramics, sculpture, and mixed media. A recent graduate from RMIT’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (Ceramics) at RMIT, her work juxtaposes mediums such as ceramic and metal to convey narrative and explore material affect on light, shadow, and space. Materiality is a critical aspect of Thierry’s practice – each material chosen is shown in its most authentic state, highlighting its integral qualities, and not detracting from the beauty of its own temperament.

Lyda Lab's

Marlo Lyda is an Australian-born designer-maker, and recent graduate from the Design Academy Eindhoven (NL). Her practice embraces fieldwork and intuitive process as means of challenging widely accepted industrial techniques and the by-products of production. Coaxing her delicate and functional objects from materials that are undervalued and disregarded, Marlo believes industry offers a provocative intersection where value can be redefined. Natural phenomena, whether it be elemental or alchemical, inform Marlo’s concepts as well as her production techniques, allowing the properties already present in materials to be simply accentuated or lightly modified.

Bel Williams

Bel Williams is an industrial designer based on the lands of the Kulin Nation who creates thoughtful objects through a material driven lens. Her work balances playful shapes with refined fabrication processes to create sculptural tensions. With extensive experience in the furniture industry, Williams’ solo practise considers unusual applications for her chosen substrate, distilled into their most simple form. An extension of these explorations will be presented in her inaugural collection, launching in 2022.

Livio Lucca Tobler

Livio Tobler is a furniture designer and carpenter. Born in Switzerland he migrated to Australia in 1996. Frequent relocations up and down the east coast reflect the oscillation of formal education and occupation that have informed much of his practice. Through combining his two predominant vocations, graphic design and construction, Livio has found a harmonious balance that allows him to stretch concepts and construct experimental objects. He states, “My work is an examination of the different forms that can be yielded from our abundant waste supply and brought back to the showroom floor.” Working mainly with salvaged timber and stone, Livio reintroduces light to the discarded materials, and remind us of the integrity of nature’s resources.

Jill Stevenson

Jill Stevenson is an emerging multidisciplinary designer and artist based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). Jill’s interests lie in speculative and experimental design, focusing on the intrinsic qualities of materials and their place in our landscape; natural and built. Her work is research driven and adopts a constant questioning of matter, shape and context. The resulting musings are often articulated into detailed pieces with a playful approach to both theme and form. Jill completed an Associate Degree in Furniture Design at RMIT in 2021, and was awarded the Design Futures Award by the Authentic Design Alliance at Design Fringe last year.

Ryan Hoffmann Studio

Ryan Hoffmann is an artist currently living and working in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). After completing an MFA at The National Art School of Australia and Glasgow School of Art in 2014, Hoffmann has lived and worked in Sydney, Berlin and Melbourne. Hoffmann is interested in his relationship with the natural environment, making paintings, sculpture and woodwork relating to his experiences. He expresses observations of time, space, light, texture and emotive experience. This approach to object making allows a studio exploration of temporality and impermanence.


Misseu is a Melbourne-based experimental design studio exploring the intersection between art and design. Misseu questions the conventional notions of design to dismantle people’s perceptions and reframe to evoke further thought. An ever evolving practice specialising in the medium of glass, Misseu utilises traditional venetian manufacturing techniques modified to modern interpretation. Combining innovation with tradition enables the studio to push boundaries of conventional practice, creating pieces that reconsiders traditional design philosophy. Each piece’s sculptural form reflects that of science fiction, organic matter representing new life. A beautiful mistake, a paradox in itself; their alluringly inconsistent abstract form is unique in nature and subverts the classical notions of beauty. Misseu reconsiders the future of the world while acknowledging its place in it.

Drew Abrahamson

Drew Abrahamson (He/Him) is an emerging artist and craftsperson from Kaurna Country currently based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). Blending the aesthetics of recycled and salvaged materials with influences from Art Deco and Modernism, his sculpture practice draws upon a range of techniques learnt through his commercial and trade experience across the industries of landscaping, design, set construction and visual merchandising.

Georgia Weitenberg

Georgia Weitenberg is a Newcastle-based furniture designer with formal training at the University of Tasmania Furniture School in Launceston. This backdrop of industry and craft has come to inform her evolving practice which balances innovation with tradition. Georgia’s humanistic approach to design imbues her work with a warmth and familiarity, that combined with her unique exploration of form and function, instils each piece with its own inherent narrative and the poetics of daily life.

Pirrie Studio

Tess is a 26 year old emerging designer based in Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). Her practices span across furniture, objects and material development. Tess’ designs are playful and experimental as she is interested in creating unique pieces and whilst trialling new techniques and exploring what is possible to expand her practices. Tess is also one half of the creative duo behind misc objet, a collaboration between two friends focusing on building a diverse creative community through collaboration, exploration and curation.

Josee Vesely-Manning

Josee Vesely-Manning is a visual artist who often works with sculptural installation and more recently lighting and object design. In her practice she explores themes of environmental degradation and material obsolescence within an invented and idiosyncratic universe of magic and anarchy. Enlivened matter and effluvia are also ongoing investigations. Her performance background and growing up within a travelling circus family is a recurring motif. She has worked for several years predominantly in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, and has delivered projects and exhibitions for a diverse range of galleries, festivals and funding bodies including The Australia Council, Arts Victoria, The City of Port Philip Cultural Development Fund, The City of Melbourne, Arts House/The Meat Market, Federation Square, Carriageworks, Underbelly Arts Festival and LAB and Artist Led Spaces. She has also worked as an arts facilitator, curator and writer with numerous local community groups as well as commissions and collaborations with international artists and designers. She has recently completed a Master of Fine Arts at Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney under the thesis title Magic Nihilism.

Dalton Stewart

Dalton Stewart lives on the lands of the Kulin Nation working across contemporary art, architecture and most recently furniture. He is undertaking a Master of Architecture at the Melbourne School of Design, with a research focus on queer theory and the reciprocal interactions between the disciplines of art and architecture. Dalton Stewarts practice gives form to ideas that experiment with simple materials and processes that appear formal and abstract. He designs objects that are informed by the language of minimalism and digital tools. The work contains narratives and themes related to the body, sexuality and poetics.

Billie Civello

Billie Civello (They/Them) is a designer-maker based on the lands of the Kulin Nation who recently graduated from an Associate degree of Furniture Design at RMIT. Billie designs with a reductionist approach to materials that allows their work to be dismantled or recycled for future use. Using this rhetoric they have explored steel, perspex, recycled clothing and plaster to create various objects and furnishings. Whilst integrating narratives and motifs through a queer lens, Billies designs’ are also heavily informed by modernist principles.

Julian Leigh May

Julian Leigh May (They/Them) is an experimental designer, embracing a broad spectrum of disciplines and mediums within Melbourne (Naarm/Birrarung-ga). Their work transcends the barriers between art and design, from furniture, lighting and object design. Julian aims to create work which redefines the perception of everyday objects, aiming to spark conversation through the combination of narrative, material experimentation and form. Julian is also one half of the creative duo behind misc objet, a collaboration between two friends focusing on building a diverse creative community through collaboration, exploration and curation.