Thu 24 Mar
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Fri 25 Mar
10:00 am – 4:00 pm


TCL Studio
385 Drummond St, 385 Drummond St, Carlton VIC 3053, Australia

Own It!
Own It! Exhibition

Own It! Exhibition Past Event

Presented by T.C.L.

We’ve walked every street in our five kilometres and have picnicked in every bloody park. But while we’ve been spending substantial amounts of time in these civic spaces, do we really have any agency within them?

Own It! is an exhibition that asks participating artists, students, writers, community groups and designers to unpack the value of community autonomy and emotional investment in public space. The exhibition expresses the intimate stories and relationships of community and landscape: through lenses of disruption, duty and structured agency. Set up to empower the broader audience of the Own It! series, the exhibition concludes this series of symposiums prior to the exhibition, to provide opportunity for those engaged to express their valuable and unique thoughts in an informal exhibition; an equal platform to share insight and provide possible futures.

As a series, Own It! challenges the pervasive and regimented structures that govern the public realm hoping that we can come to realise the full social vibrancy of our civic spaces. We unpack perspectives and stories of those who have disrupted the status quo, recognised a sense of duty, and dreamt up ways to blur the boundaries of ownership to better connect to place.

More information on the Own It! series can be found here:

Thankyou to Buckford and We-ef for completing our Own It! Exhibition vision with their creative lighting. Transforming our Design Studio into a dramatic Gallery Space.




We are architects, designers, makers, caretakers, curators, programmers and educators.

We believe in the importance of public space, equally accessible to all.

We focus on education and experimentation across all our projects and sites.


The Get Sunflowered project is a lesson in happy-making while exploring ways to address

vacancy problems in the Latrobe Valley’s rapidly changing regional economy.


Joy bringers. Mischief Makers.

Award-winning performers. Public space spectacle creators.


The Planthunter is an online publication founded and edited by Australian writer, gardener and landscape designer Georgina Reid.

Since its launch in 2013, The Planthunter has grown an international reputation for its fierce commitment to communicating the

importance and wonder of the natural world through rich, evocative and real storytelling.


Naturalistic plantings of Australian shrubs to improve the appearance and function of low maintenance landscapes.

With our research partners we are installing Woody Meadows across cities in railway sidings, roadsides and parks to

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Troppo is a practice of regionally based studios aiming to develop regionally responsive architectures.

For the place of each project, let’s promote a Sense of Place.


As an editorial team of seven postgraduate and two undergraduate students entering our final years of study,

the professional practice of architecture is not as radical as we hope it to be.

Paradise seeks to play with the productive tension of being neither properly academic nor popular, but both at once.

Through presenting a multitude of formats, disciplines, practices and voices, Paradise makes equivalent the vast and varied forms of

research that constitute architectural knowledge in Australia today.