$20, Bookings Required


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Fri 18 Mar
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Royal Park: Trin Warren Tam-boore (Bellbird Waterhole)
Trin Warren Tam-Boore Bellbird Waterhole, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia


Wheelchair Access

Southern Boobook, Photography by Scott Baker.

Open Nature: Twitching the Inner City Past Event

Presented by Open House Melbourne

An adventurous twitching (birdwatching) tour of Trin Warren Tam-boore, Bellbird Waterhole, in Royal Park hosted by Beyond Human Travel Agency.

Seeking to connect people to their local environment in meaningful ways, the Agency aims to reposition our understanding of wild spaces to a non-human perspective, through exploring citizen science, nature walks, design and art experiments and close-listening meditations.

Twitching the Inner City is a chance to observe some of the feathered creatures common to Trin Warren Tam-boore, through the eyes of expert bird watcher and photographer Scott Baker – providing insight into the lives of your fellow Tawny Frogmouth, Boobook Owl and Gang Gang Cockatoo!


Lichen Kemp

Beyond Human Travel Agency is a project designed to question our methods of and motivations for travel and create hyper local post-travel experiences, merging non extractive and low impact leisure with ecological adventures and (kinetic) art experiments. The Beyond Human Travel Agency is a consultation service, a co learning space, a series of future collaborations, a booking agency, an interactive performance, an exercise in kin making, an environmental advocacy action and experimental art project. We are dedicated to multispecies well being and the enhancement of the visited experience of non human entities.

Scott Baker

Scott Baker is an avid bird watcher, photographer and tour guide for Sicklebill Safaris – Birding, Wildlife & Photography Tours. Scott started getting seriously interested in wildlife in his early teens, soon becoming heavily involved in environmental projects including the preservation of the Mullum Mullum Linear Park. He was co founder of the Yarran Dheran Junior Field Naturalists Club for which he ran workshops and led guided walks. He has been involved in a number of bush rehabilitation projects and worked a consultant on a number of projects around Melbourne. He is currently chair of the Victorian Ornithological Records Appraisal Committee and moderator on Birdline Victoria.

Scott travels extensively around Australia visiting the major (and not so well known) birding spots regularly. He has also managed a lot of overseas birding watching trips particularly in India and Japan but also other areas of S.E Asia and Europe. While he is keen on mammals, reptiles and frogs and really enjoys spotlighting his passion is birds and he particularly loves pelagic and shore birds and the more cryptic bush birds. Scott spent a large part of lockdown photographing the birds of Royal Park and is an active member of the local twitching community.