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Thu 17 Mar
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Sat 19 Mar
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Sun 20 Mar
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Clan Collective
134 High Street, Preston VIC, Australia

Inherent Joys, Presented by Angelo Ooi, 2021, Photography by Angelo Ooi.

Inherent Joys Past Event

Presented by Angelo Ooi

Inherent Joys is an exhibition showcasing a series of functional ceramic works that explores finding joy through everyday objects. Pottery is a commonplace yet unique item which can be cherished, used and appreciated in everyday life. These utilitarian vessels are used every day across the world, and each carry their own individual voice, story and identity. Made from scratch these handmade pieces encourage people to look beyond the generic mass-produced ceramic ware. It also asks people to consider the relationship between the production, materials and sustainability. Handmade ceramics are not only unique and aesthetically beautiful but also challenge how we treat these objects, and as such last a longer time.

This exhibition will be open from Wednesday 9 March – Sunday 27 March with the opening event taking place on Friday 11 March from 6-8pm at Clan Collective.


Angelo Ooi
Angelo Ooi is a self-taught potter and artist based in Melbourne (Naarm/ Birrarung-ga). He primarily makes make functional ware on the potter’s wheel in addition to the occasional slip cast and handbuilt piece. Inspired by his Australian and Malaysian-Chinese background, his forms are elegantly refined. Angelo’s work reflects the humble nature of ceramics, the care and attention required throughout each step of the process, both qualities which make his work unique and individual. His interest about the technical aspects of ceramics informs his practice, in particular his passion for glazes.