Free, No Booking Required


Sat 26 Mar
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm


Australian Native Garden
Australian Native Garden, Parkville VIC 3052, Australia

Performance of Postures: New Fashion Perspectives

Performance of Postures: New Fashion Perspectives Past Event

Presented by Claire Myers & Laura Banfield

Performance of Postures: New Fashion Perspectives is a live performance and installation bringing together a lineup of local experimental fashion brands in an unexpected intervention upon Melbourne’s inner city parkland. The event features a model striking ethereal still-life poses with a body-supporting installation by artist Laura Banfield.

The event challenges typical modes of fashion presentation, such as runway or exhibition, by amplifying the movement and poses of the model while inviting passersby to inspect from vantage points of their choosing. (If you enjoy life drawing, you might like to bring along your sketchbook and drawing materials.) The performance features a model styled in Emily Watson, Lambert, Lucinda Babi, Phoebe Pendergast, Wackie Ju, Veils of Cirrus, Be Right Back, Laura Galati, and Love Manifesto. Several iterations of the performance takes place across the event providing opportunities for onlookers to meet and connect between performances, or come and go as they please.


Laura Banfield

Laura Banfield is an artist based in Melbourne. Exploring fashion, material, bodies, and the relationships between these, her work spans mediums inclusive of non-clothing, installation, photography, and performance. She has exhibited both locally and internationally, and teaches within the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) program at RMIT University.


Lambert challenges the boundaries of upcycling and explores a shift in production methods. With the help of digital prototyping and a modular design methodology, the label creates quality and consistency within the post-consumer apparel space.

Emily Watson

Emily Watson is a swim and resort wear designer. Drawing on inspiration from Australian nostalgia and new leisure dressing, her designs are characterised as a whimsical reconfiguration and re-contextualisation of traditional swimwear archetypes and techniques.

Lucinda Babi

Lucinda Babi is a Melbourne-based label creating modern ethical clothing on a made-to-order basis. Lucinda creates all pieces herself in her studio in Collingwood to ensure quality and ethical manufacturing processes, and tries to source all materials as locally and consciously as possible. She is a concept-driven designer who loves to create experimental pieces as well as more wearable garments, and is currently working on the label’s third collection.

Phoebe Pendergast

Phoebe Pendergast is an emotionally fuelled fashion practitioner whose work explores themes of heartbreak, introspection, and sentimentality. Phoebe’s contemplative design process draws inspiration from personal memories and experiences she wishes to relive.

Veils of Cirrus

Veils of Cirrus, otherwise known by its acronym V.o.C, is a Melbourne-based creative practice and curatorial partnership formed by Amy Forbes and Caitlin Mullaly. Conjuring one-of-a-kind garments from their studio in Brunswick, their multidisciplinary work is driven by storytelling, craftsmanship and cross-disciplinary collaboration. Going beyond the usual measures of a fashion label, Veils of Cirrus undertakes inspiring community projects that question the parameters of the fashion sphere.

Wackie Ju

Wackie Ju approaches design by recontextualising stereotypical social norms. He takes inspiration from mundane political and social issues as well as provoking the liberation of gender identities and sexuality.

Be Right Back

Be Right Back is a Melbourne-based label. Creating everyday dress-ups that are honest, comfortable and playful, their designs offer you something new.

Laura Galati

Laura Galati is a knitwear designer and textile-based artist. Her practice combines traditional and contemporary techniques in a mindful approach to womenswear. Her work has been exhibited in Melbourne, Berlin and Florence.

Love Manifesto

Love Manifesto is a multidisciplinary practitioner with previous training in architecture, fine art (printmaking) and textile design, set to graduate from BA Fashion Design at RMIT University in 2022. Temporarily based in Melbourne, Love Manifesto is intrigued by the notion of unique process, high performance and intuitive design.