35 pieces of recycled timber lengths
reassembled 01
reassembled 02
reassembled 03
reassembled 04
reassembled 05
reassembled 06
reassembled 07
reassembled 08
reassembled 09
reassembled 10
reassembled 11

Material Byproduct

Presented by Caitlyn Parry & Leanne Zilka

Construction is one of the most polluting industries on the planet. We can no longer keep designing as if resources are infinite and need to start thinking about an intelligent way to reuse and reassemble materials. This project seeks to present an online simulation of how we might use reclaimed timber to reconfigure into new architectural objects. Using reclaimed materials and computation simulation, we might reverse our concept of the design process where we traditionally design something and assume the materials will be available. In this simulation, the available parts determine the architectural outcome.

 nft’s of the outcomes are available from this link: