Free, Booking Required


Fri 18 Mar
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
111 Sturt Street, Southbank VIC, Australia


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Make Inclusive: Public Spaces with Monash University XYX Lab

Make Inclusive: Public Spaces with Monash University XYX Lab Past Event

Presented by Monash University, Department of Design

This interactive design workshop draws on the extensive research of Monash University’s XYX Lab to make inclusive public spaces by designing with diverse people, cultures and places.

XYX is a collective of designers and researchers whose remit is to utilise design methods and applications to mitigate gendered inequity in urban spaces. In particular, this workshop will build from the XYX Lab contribution to Who’s Afraid of Public Space on show at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art entitled ‘Keep Running’. ‘Keep Running’ makes visible the Lab’s data, gathered through crowd-sourcing the experiences of women and gender-diverse people as they embark on outdoor leisure and sporting activities in public spaces. Like ‘Keep Running’, this workshop will reveal the importance of data as a core consideration in design. Data provides the evidence designers – and their many collaborators – need to make powerful, well-informed recommendations and interventions with regard to public space. Data and statistics usually remain buried in disparate reports, articles, and policy documents. Making them visible alerts the public to the challenges facing women and gender-diverse people as they traverse the city; but also allows people to see themselves within the statistics and the stories that lie beneath them.

This workshop provides the opportunity for participants to build a design response to urban spatial inequality through making visible the experiences of those for whom urban experiences are frequently challenging and threatening. In conclusion the group will consolidate their responses to demonstrate how design can shift us towards more inclusive communities.



XYX Lab is a team of experienced design researchers exploring gender-sensitive design practices and theory. Its work operates at the intersection of gender, identity, urban space and advocacy. Through our research, it brings together planners, policy makers, local government and stakeholders to make tangible the experiences of underrepresented communities in urban space and planning. XYX Lab is grounded in feminist and queer theory and activated through real-world projects. Equal parts qualitative and quantitative research, XYX Lab regularly works to collect and analyse data and experiences in order to generate deeper understanding and support our design projects. Its approach is inclusive of all gender and sexual identities. Building equity into urban life requires long-term vision and a strategic – often radical – approach to the design process. XYX Lab does not seek quick-fix design solutions, but rather seek to offer insights and create moments that contribute towards a larger movement for change.