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Fri 25 Mar
2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Victorian Pride Centre
79-81 Fitzroy St, St Kilda VIC 3182, Australia


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Make Collaborative Creative Partnerships: Mapping Melbourne MedTech collaborative

Make Collaborative Creative Partnerships: Mapping Melbourne MedTech Past Event

Presented by Monash University, Department of Design

Mapping Melbourne Medtech invites designers, design consultancies, businesses, researchers, engineers and health experts from across academia, healthcare, government, business and the start-up ecosystem to begin the process of Mapping Melbourne’s Medtech ecosystem. The activity will use a specially designed tactile co-design toolkit that comprises nearly 1000 ‘Tactile Tools’ to map the projects, stakeholders and insights. After the event the physical mapping will be documented to inform a data visualisation to share with key stakeholders for iteration and continued learning.

Mapping Melbourne Medtech will elicit and consolidate shared memory. Through the process of mapping the collective history, shared and contested knowledges will surface bringing together diverse views to build a coherent picture of Melbourne’s Medtech ecosystem. The activity looks backward to look forward starting with identifying keystone innovations of the last 40 years, and drawing from these the key players, insights, connections and big ideas. The activity enable the sector to visualise the turning points in Melbourne’s MedTech journey in addition to identifying roadblocks and opportunities that challenged the industry to pivot. It will help to identify future pathways towards generating collective impact across sectors in addition to highlighting central considerations in making the industry more sustainable.


Leah Heiss

Associate Professor Leah Heiss is the Eva and Marc Besen International research Chair in Design at Monash Art Design and Architecture, a practicing designer, and CSIRO Visiting Designer. Through collaborative projects Leah has brought human centred design to technologies for hearing loss, diabetes and pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, gut disease and loneliness. Her wearable technologies include jewellery to administer insulin, cardiac monitoring jewellery, swallowable devices to detect disease, and stretchable sensors for heart health and post-operative monitoring. Leah’s design work has been recognised with six Australian Good Design Awards including the 2018 Australian Good Design Award and the CSIRO Design Innovation Award. Projects Leah has led have been presented to the Victorian Royal Commission into Mental Health and informed the creation of Victoria’s Voluntary Assisted Dying Guidelines. Her design work is part of the Museums Victoria heritage collection and has been exhibited in Australia, Europe and Asia to audiences of over 700,000 people at venues including the Melbourne Museum, the Museum of Arts and Sciences and the Gallery of Modern Art. In her role as the Besen Chair Leah is focused on design’s role in supporting major shifts in healthcare towards digitisation, datafication and personalisation of healthcare systems.