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Level 1, RMIT Design Hub
RMIT Design Hub, Victoria Street, Carlton VIC, Australia

3d knitted objects as produced by the industrial knitting machine

Knitted Architecture Past Event

Presented by Dr Jenny Underwood and Dr Leanne Zilka

Knitted Architecture investigates the use of digital design and 3d knitting technologies as an architectural system. Seamless knitting technologies, which ‘print’ 3d forms stitch by stitch (pixel by pixel) allow the designers to produce whole pieces of extruded textile tubes. Combining the scale of architecture with whole garment technologies used in textile design, each piece expresses shape using different yarns and threads that have the ability to perform as structures – offering curvaceous elasticity and strength. These works are prototypes of textile ‘skins’ that once combined with emerging digital design and advanced fibres such as carbon fibre and Dyneema yarns could feasibly offer ways to rapidly knit high-strength, light-weight forms for columns, shade structures and other architectural elements with material efficiency and minimal waste.


Dr Jenny Underwood

Jenny Underwood is a textile designer and the Associate Dean, Fashion and Textiles Technology, in the School of Fashion and Textiles at RMIT University, Australia. Her research is practice-based and inter-disciplinary focusing on textile design making practices, parametric design and digital technologies to develop methodologies for responsible design innovation and enhanced material experiences.

Dr Leanne Zilka

Dr Leanne Zilka is a registered architect and academic based in Melbourne, Australia. Her architecture practice, ZILKA Studio and her academic position at RMIT University in the School of Architecture and Urban Design is a multidisciplinary one that brings together architecture, fashion, textile design and material research that develops new ways to improve the built environment. By looking at materials not familiar to architecture, we can harness material and technology advances that can be used in buildings and cities to improve performance, function, and capacity that address pressing issues around climate change. Leanne’s practice looks to land new technologies and materials in novel architectural propositions working in the digital fabrication realm. Hacking into fashion fabrication technologies such as whole garment knitting machines but creating architecturally scaled elements.

Leanne’s research and practice has been recognized nationally and internationally through awards, a recently published book titled ‘Floppy Logic’ by international publisher Actar, featured in the 2018, 2021 Venice Architecture Biennale, 2019 Tallin Architecture Biennale and most recently was part of the 2021 National Gallery of Victoria ‘Sampling The Future’ exhibition.