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Yarra Sculpture Gallery
117 Vere St, 117 Vere St, Abbotsford VIC 3067, Australia


Intent Past Event

Presented by Cinda Manins Studio

‘Intent’ – an abstract landscape constructed through an installation of contemporary ceramic sculptures.

Biological life is imprinted on earth’s geological surface – contrasting stable, geological time with transitory biological time. The surfaces of each form show marks left by millennia of life forms, the landscape hosts remnants of built architectural structures abandoned – the earth stores lessons lived and learnt. That is the world we had.

In the world we want, there is hope, recovery and optimism, symbolised by new life emerging.

’Intent’ composes an environment built from the earth’s finite resources, acknowledges that these resources are essential to our survival. It reminds us to be mindful in our choices, as with every choice there is consequence.