$5 + booking fee


Sat 26 Mar
12:00 pm – 2:00 pm


Collingwood Yards, Johnston Street, Collingwood VIC, Australia


Wheelchair Access

High Density Housing: Lessons from Sweden

High Density Housing: Lessons from Sweden Past Event

Presented by Uro Publications

14,495 Flats: A Metabolist’s Guide to New Stockholm examines the multi-unit housing approved at the height of a recent building boom (2017) in the midst of an ongoing housing shortage in the 26 municipalities that make up the Stockholm region. Here in Melbourne, we are confronted with a similar apartment construction boom in conjunction with recently announced public housing policies.

What are the demands that this architecture answers to, and what problems of its own might it be wrestling with? What forms of life does it dream of accommodating and which does it normalize, naturalize, or exclude?

In this event, local urban design and architecture professionals will join the authors of the book 14,495 Flats: A Metabolist’s Guide to New Stockholm to discuss the lessons learned from Sweden’s phenomenal high density housing boom.

14,495 Flats: A Metabolist’s Guide to New Stockholm includes an archive of plans from 156 projects in the Stockholm region, presenting over 600 original planning permit drawings for 337 buildings. It is a must for all architects, planners, developers, and other actors working within the housing sector, as well as students and scholars of residential architecture.


Helen Runting

Helen Runting is an architectural theorist (PhD. Arch.), urban planner (B. UPD), and urban designer (PG Dip. UD, MSc. UPD). Her work insists that another world is possible, and that an affirmative biopolitics – wherein bodies, minds, and environments are set in mutually supportive relation – is achievable. Drawing on critical theory and feminist scholarship, as well as an ongoing engagement with the politics of architecture under late capitalism, Helen writes critique, essays, and analyses of our shared architectural present.