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Blackcat Gallery
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Wheelchair Access

Image of three chairs made from river reed cane and hand carved chestnut wood, shown on a beach landscape in Sardinia.
Scannu – Inés, Lia, Nannai Chairs by PRETZIADA
Three decorative white vases shown from top view in an outdoor concrete landscape.
Tunda Vase by PRETZIADA
Designed by by Valentina Cameranesi and Walter Usai. Photo by Pretziada © 2021
A low stool made of plastic waste material shown in an outdoor desert landscape.
Stopstool by KOOIJ
Designed by Dir van der Kooij. Photo by Kooij © 2021
Two stacked chairs made of recycled fridge interiors, shown in an outdoor landscape of rocky terrain.
RvR Chair by KOOIJ
Designed by Dirk Vander Kooij. Photo by Kooij © 2021
Detail image showing weaving of a seat base by a Columbian artisan.
Weaving for the Caribe collection by AMES
Photo by Ames © 2021
Image of five lounge chairs being transported across a river in Columbia by canoe.
Cartagenas Chairs by AMES
Photo by Ames © 2021
Image of three stacked colourful chairs with a persons legs laying over them.
Photo by Lombrello © 2021


Presented by ORIGINE

A presentation of works by brands and independent designers included in the ORIGINE collection that explores the idea of forging new human connections through interdisciplinary artistic action. The curation brings together culturally relevant works which promote the heritage of their respective territories and studios who practice in sustainability, from material use through to social responsibility and philanthropy. Brands and studios presented from around the world include: Pretziada, Kooij, Ames and Lombrello. An interactive experience is provided, and materiality and narrative explored. Through the display of original design, alongside photographic and video installations of the development and production phases, the visitor is not only introduced to the designer but given insight into origin, philosophy and how a piece is made. Key to the exhibition is a review of the output by Pretziada, a creative practice based on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Founders Kyre Chenven and Ivano Atzori host anthropological residencies for international creatives, introducing them to the island and local artisans.

The result, a collection that is made up of culturally relevant pieces that celebrate the history of Sardinian craft. Included in their special projects is Bucolic Appointment, a multimedia exploration of travel, culture and humanity by Shauna Toohey and Misha Hollenbach of P.A.M. (Perks and Mini). While visiting the island with their two children, they recorded the voices, sounds and natural phenomena they encountered, mixing this into a 30 minute aural experience supported by two original collages made from photographs taken during the trip and a sculpture made in collaboration with local artisans CP Basalti that celebrates the sacrality of Sardinian stone. The project explores natural elements with a strong human presence, providing us with a profoundly honest reflection of the island. P.A.M. join us for an in person session supported by live feed with Pretziada founders to discuss the project, their experiences and the importance of global connectivity through design.




Cutting-edge streetwear and lifestyle brand Perks And Mini (P.A.M.) was established in 2000 in Melbourne, Australia, by married power couple Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey. Sharing a background in fine art, fashion and graphic design, the couple met on the streets and the name originates from Hollenbach and Toohey’s graffiti tags – Perks and Mini. Based in Paris since 2015, the multidisciplinary brand, foremost recognised for their graphic, fun and carefree approach to fashion, counts everything from publishing, music, nightlife, art and even food to its repertoire.


Materially Different and Curated for Excellence. Established over 80 years ago in Melbourne, Australia, Elton Group is a supplier of high quality, unique timber veneer products built on a commitment to environmentally sustainable sourcing and innovative, game changing, manufacturing methods. Widely recognised in the EG portfolio, representing a 50 year partnership between the brands, is the Alpi Designer Collection, a collection of unique colours, textures and patterns, produced in collaboration with world renowned designers. The Alpi DC plays a vital and provocative role in the Lombrello seating range. For Melbourne Design Week, 2022 Elton Group present the bold new French Palette veneer collection, created by Piero Lissoni for Alpi, delicate and light, but often featuring a daringly vivid touch of luminosity.