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Shivoham Malas
Rare Crystal and Rudraksh Combination, embodying the energy of your Unique Purpose
High Priestess Mala
Karen Wilson Photography 2021
8 different crystals, Rare hand carved pendant, Embodies the energy of Goddess Durga
Amba Mala
Over 70 Garlands and descriptions on display
Mala Gallery

Meditation Garlands Exhibition Past Event

Presented by SHIVOHAM

Meditation Garlands displays rare and unique meditation garlands created in Melbourne with beauty, meaning and purpose. Based in ancient tradition, and made for modern times, the garlands inspire the wearer to pursue purpose and embody positive energy. Shivoham has a new collection on display, including Australian Fire Opal, with each piece is accompanied by a story of its conception, intention and purpose allowing you to browse, absorb and learn about meaningful and mindful jewellery.





Sadhvi Shivjyoti

Sadhvi Shivjyoti first traveled to India at 21, with a calling. For 18 years she has dedicated to the traditional and ancient path of Yoga. Having studied with her spiritual master and fortunate to meet countless Sages, Saints and Guru’s through her time in ‘Seva’, at Kumbha Mela’s, representing Australia at the inaugural International Day of Yoga celebrations in Delhi and meeting the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi in Australia she has brought ‘home’ a wealth of experience, wisdom and knowledge. Throughout her training she received strict guidance, observation and was subsequently initiated into the Puri tradition of Dasnami Sannyas, the highest order in Yogic tradition and an acknowledgement of her Dharma ‘role’ as a teacher who lives in a ‘town’ (Puri).

As her sadhana (spiritual practices) developed so too depths of experience and realisation into the ways we can still live in harmony with the ‘truth’ and our purpose in life. Instructed to share with others, Shivjyoti developed Meditation, Chakra and Yogic Lifestyle courses, having been a teacher from 2005 she now shares with all who come. ‘Trained’ to be ‘above’ the problems we experience in life her calling is to help others do the same, and thus find peace and freedom.

With a natural connection to the earths energies and frequencies Shivjyoti has now created numerous malas with unique combinations for purpose and power, drawing the soul of the wearer towards their life purpose. We send these Malas around the world and they bring support to many in fulfilling their dreams and awakening their personal power for the good of all.

Time with the Master imbued countless gifts and awoke those latent within. Blessed with the power of a lineage and of the mighty Himalayan Mountains she passes all that she has on through her work.