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Fri 25 Mar
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Sat 26 Mar
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Sun 27 Mar
12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Mon 28 Mar
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Dark Horse Experiment
33-35 Dudley St, 33-35 Dudley St, West Melbourne VIC 3003, Australia

F*MK Team

F*** Marry Kill (Melbourne Buildings Edition) Past Event

Presented by Yiling Shen and Yuchen Gao

F*** Marry Kill (Melbourne Buildings Edition) is a research project that asks the people of Melbourne what they think of their buildings, giving them a chance to look a bit closer at the streetscapes they walk each day. The project bridges the gap between architectural and public discourse by creating a fun and engaging platform for the public to take more notice of their built environment.

It consists of a data collection website ( that mimics the interface of dating apps, allowing the public to ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ key buildings in the Melbourne CBD, with the opportunity for them to comment why. ‘Dating profiles’ for each building reveal design strategies and histories, allowing the public to give their opinion while learning about architecture, and in turn, their city.

This exhibition curates and displays the opinions collected through the website, exhibiting select comments through an art installation, as well as acting as an ‘awards ceremony’. Rather than insular awards ceremonies judged by architects, the project will hold its own ‘awards ceremony’ as part of the physical exhibition, awarding buildings with titles such as ‘Most Loved’, ‘Most Hated’ and ‘Most Controversial’, all decided upon by the public.

Architecture has immense cultural value, the importance of which is often not appreciated by the public. The project advocates for the idea that a public which is more interested in their buildings leads to a better designed city, and a better designed city leads to a happier and better connected public. By creating a more accessible and playful forum to engage with design, F*** Marry Kill resonates with those who usually feel intimidated to engage with architectural commentary, or simply have never considered it.

This exhibition is supported by Lyons, Kosloff Architecture, John Wardle Architects, Williams Ross Architects, NH Architecture, and SSDH.


Yiling Shen
Yuchen Gao
Rory Zhang
John Szetho
Ethan Wong
Carrie Lu
Jennifer Chen
Imogen Smith
Cody McConnell
Jeffrey Xu
Victoria Marquez
Winnie Chen