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Sun 20 Mar
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm


MPavilion, Melbourne VIC, Australia


Wheelchair Access

Image by Adam Hammad

Designing the Nightclub Past Event

Presented by MPavilion

What can’t be done on the dance floor?

This event is a dancethropological exploration of trends, and the interwoven relationship between club counter culture and its drip fed influence into the mainstream could be credited as one of the biggest IP robberies of all time. From the moment this undercurrent emerged, it has continued to flow like an undammed, unpaid and uncredited natural resource for those that need to sell, own & name things.

Join us for a light hearted and well lived discussion about where club trends come from—and how they make their way from the wunderkinds doing it for a laugh and a creative outlet, through to the money men collecting that Filthy Lucre, while holding a bucket under the good old ideas tap!

From the Baggy Rave scene to Billie Eilish, garbage bags to Comme des garcons—with a quick break in the toilets at Studio 54—this panel will deconstruct popular origins & influences, to find out what it takes to prepare a batch of that special sauce that simmers in the melting pot, meeting points of creativity and consumerism with a few gags thrown in for good measure!


– Melbournes longest serving club kid Dr Timothy John Moore (Sibling Architecture, Monash University, co-founder of Trough and co-curator of Melbourne Design Week)

– Musician Designer & DJ and fellow club elder Simona Castricum

– Georgina O’Connor, interior designer and Melbourne’s ‘Angel’

Hosted by Andee Frost


Talk 12-1.ish
1-ish-2.30pm –  Garden Variety Deejay
2.30-4pm – Trendy Wendy