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Fri 25 Mar
9:00 am – 11:30 am


Melbourne Connect - Forum 2
700 Swanston Street, Carlton VIC, Australia


Wheelchair Access

Designing a Long Life

Designing a Long Life Past Event

Presented by Melbourne Connect

Presented by Aging 2.0, this event segmented into the aspects of Longevity. Physiological: The built environment, interview with health architects Safety: The home/design tech that works seamlessly in the background (monitoring etc). Presentations around worldwide tech. Designing tech not to be seen, make decisions in the background AI etc. Social/Self Esteem/Actualisation: Mental Health and mindset for longevity. Value Ongoing employability. Platforms to share your expertise. Local startups? Global Innovators Economic: Moving from 10% super and not outliving money to being paid more the longer you live.

Interactive Melbourne Design Week session on “Designing Longevity”. Through Industry, Social, Physical, Economic, and Therapeutic lens.

About this event

Moving from Aging to Longevity

Segmented into:

1) The Industry/ecosystem

2) The Built & Social Environment

3) Physical & Mental Health

4) Economic & Financial

5) The Aging Cure?

0900-0905 Welcome & Introduction (Marc Niemes)

0905-0910 Setup the Frame/Background of the Melbourne Aging2.0 Design Scene

0910-0930 Stephen Johnston Global founder of Aging2.0 (130+ cities around the world). Cofounder of the collective, a world first collective intelligence platform for innovation in aging. What does the global ecosystem look like. What are the global Models. Includes Q&A

0930-0950 The Built, Technology & Social Environment (TBC)

0950-1010: Physical, Nutritional & Mental Health, Dr Sandra Luliano, Senior Researcher University of Melbourne, Member National Aged Care Advisor Council.

1010-1030: Economic &Financial Realities ($100 Project) Facilitated group activity session by Marc Niemes around organising lifetime spend of health if you only had $100.

1030-1050: Does Aging Need a Cure? Research Summary into some of the global trials in therapeutics and behaviours. Matt Hallam, Pharma Intelligence. Asia Pacific.

1115: Formal Close.


Stephen Johnston

Stephen Johnston is co-founder of Aging2.0 and Founder of Fordcastle. Aging2.0 is a global innovation network for ageing and longevity, with 120+ city Chapters, 30,000 members in 30+ countries, and a range of corporate partners including Procter & Gamble, Nomura Research, SOMPO and Google.

Fordcastle is a boutique consultancy working at the intersection of impact and innovation. Our recent work focuses on the integration of smart cities, age-friendly communities and social impact.

Stephen is co-author of Growth Champions (Wiley), a book about sustainable corporate growth and a topic expert with Future Agenda. He has an MA in Economics from Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was a Fulbright Scholar.

He is currently based in Melbourne as a recipient of a ‘Global Talent’ visa by the Australian government

Marc Niemes

Marc had a keen interest in entrepreneurship at a young age. He founded his first business at just 12 years old, providing maintenance services to people in his neighbourhood. He continued to grow the business throughout high school, and not long after he graduated he sold his customer list to another local company.

Following his passion in business, Marc went on to attend Monash University, and later RMIT, eventually graduating with a degree in Business & Marketing/PR. Wanting to test his learning and previous business experience after University, Marc co-founded his next company, GlobeConnect Telecomm. Which became the fastest growing Telco in Melbourne before ultimately being sold to another Vodafone dealer.

Not one to rest on laurels he then founded Internet Business Impaq, who provided virtual private networks that allowed kids to access their school’s educational network and resources securely from home.
After another successful business exit, his experience in education led him to the eLearning sphere. He was headhunted by ANZ Bank to help build their online learning team and was later recruited by PulseLearning to establish their Australian office. Through these opportunities, he identified a gap in the market when it came to online training in the medical industry. As a result, Marc established HealthXN. The new business helped advise the healthcare industry on the best ways to digitise and distribute learning assets.
In 2017, Marc leveraged his experience in the online learning industry and co-founded KontentLabs.
The company expanded on HealthXN’s goals by providing technology that enables any worker to immediately access the learning they need to do their job more efficiently. With the help of KontentLabs, all the resources workers need to stay legal and compliant are now no more than three clicks away.