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Sun 27 Mar
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


2 Booker St, 2 Booker St, Spotswood VIC 3015, Australia


Auslan Open captioned Wheelchair Access

The Hubble Space Telescope in Earth’s obit captured against the Earth’s horizon. Source: NASA/CALTech

Design Beyond Earth: The future of Earth observation Past Event

Presented by Scienceworks in collaboration with the UK Science and Innovation Network

In October 2021 the UK-Australia Space Bridge program announced new space industries awards in support of collaborative research projects that explore and advance the use of satellite technologies shaping a better future on Earth.

Scienceworks, in collaboration with the UK Science and Innovation Network, bring together the research and industry leads from two of the Space Bridge projects that focus on design innovations in Earth observation, alongside an innovative Oxford-based satellite applications company active in Australia. 

Hear their design challenges and successes, and insights that will advance technologies addressing some of our biggest global challenges including climate change.


The IceCube project draws on the power of small satellite constellations and harnesses the GPS technology to measure sea ice from space. New technologies and big data are also improving agricultural decision making and enabling farmers and industry to adapt to drought and climate change better. 

The Plant Accelerator project is harvesting advances in hyperspectural imaging and remote sensing to ensure sustainable improvement of crop production.

Deep Planet is an agritech start-up out of Oxford University, utilising low earth observation satellites and machine learning to reduce environmental risk and improve agricultural production. Deep Planet is currently working in viticulture in Australia, applying satellite data to optimise grape yields.

Before attending the talk, guests can experience the excitement of today’s space missions and the design innovations behind them with a screening of From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA – a fulldome show presented exclusively for Design Week at the Melbourne Planetariumat Scienceworks.

This event will take place at Scienceworks and will also be streamed online. Guests can choose to purchase a ticket to attend in person, or an online ticket to watch the live-stream. All ticket holders will have on-demand access to the event recording for 14 days.

Planetarium show not included in ticket price but can be added at additional cost. 


Clare Kenyon | Moderator

Clare Kenyon (aka RedLippedAstro) is an astrophysicist and science communicator with a flair for lifting the veil on the mysteries of the night sky, space and everything in it. She spends her days (and nights!) giving public talks, running telescope observation nights for schools and discussing interesting science topics on TV, radio, social media and podcasts. Her research takes her deep into the heart of very energetic galaxies called quasars to the central supermassive black hole within. She loves to help brighten people’s perceptions of one of the darkest of sciences.

Matthew Moate

Matthew Moate is a winetech evangelist who is committed to adding capability and competitiveness to the sectors grape and wine producers. He has over 20 years of industry experience in building networks and progressing innovation across all parts of the wine value chain including having held the industry leadership role as CEO of national body Wine Industry Suppliers Australia. His current role as Head of Sales for Deep Planet focuses on accelerating the global adoption of their remote sensing and prediction platform, VineSignal. He also holds other external directorships and mentoring roles in the grape and wine technology and start-up space.

Dr Moira Smith

Dr Moira Smith is the co-founder, Director and Chief Technology Officer of Digital Content Analysis Technology Pty Ltd (D-CAT), a data and image analytics company which provides business insights to the agriculture industry and other sectors, including water, forestry, energy, and infrastructure. Using expertise in remote sensing, spectral processing, data fusion and AI, D-CAT provides automated on-demand and regular monitoring services from its bases in Australia and the UK. Moira is a Chartered Aerospace & Electronics Engineer who has worked for large prime contractors in a variety of roles; been a visiting lecturer at Surrey University; founded, built and sold one of the UK’s leading defence SMEs; and also has public sector experience from being part of the team who establishing the UK’s Digital Catapult. Now an Australian resident, Moira is focused on bringing valuable remote sensing technology to Australia whilst supporting small businesses as a mentor for the Australian Centre for Business Growth.

Dr Shane Keating

Dr Shane Keating is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney. His research uses powerful mathematical tools and artificial intelligence to better understand our climate and our planet. He is the lead Investigator of the IceCube project to use machine learning and a constellation of small satellites to monitor Antarctic sea ice from space. The IceCube project is a collaboration between UNSW, the University of Tasmania, the leading Antarctic research organisations in the UK and Australia, and Spire Global UK and is generously supported through the UK-Australian SpaceBridge program.