$15 - $25, Bookings Required


Fri 25 Mar
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm


2 Booker St, Spotswood VIC 3015, Australia


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Competition entry by Hassell for the NASA 3D Printed Mars Habitat Centennial Challenge

Design Beyond Earth: Opening Night Past Event

Presented by Scienceworks in collaboration with Hassell Studio

How might humans survive – or even thrive – living beyond Earth, and how are architects and designers researching and developing future habitats in space?   

Are space habitats also able to solve challenges on Earth such as sustainable housing solutions, tackling population growth and managing limited natural resources?   

In 2018 NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Challenge saw architecture and design studios from around the world collaborating with scientists and researchers to submit proposals for ways humans could live on Mars, with the purpose to advance the technology we need to be able to create sustainable housing solutions for Earth and beyond.   

Opening night of the Scienceworks Hub for Melbourne Design Week includes a special presentation by Hassell Studio’s Head of Design Xavier De Kestelier and Computational Design Lead Jonathan Irawan sharing their current projects and collaborations with NASA and the European Space Agency envisioning new forms of human habitation in space.  

Following the talk, Xavier (joining us remotely from London) and Jonathan (in person in Melbourne) will reflect on how designing architecture for space can lead to improved living conditions on Earth, in conversation with global thought leader Laura Anderson, Chairman of OneGlobalVenture.   

Guests can experience the excitement of today’s space missions and the design innovations behind them with two screenings of From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA – a fulldome show presented exclusively for Design Week at the Melbourne Planetarium. Extending the experience, the evening includes after-hours access to Think Ahead, an exhibition imagining how advances in science will change the way we live.   

Food & drink available for purchase.    

Planetarium show not included in ticket price but can be added at additional cost.    

This event will take place at Scienceworks and will also be streamed online. Guests can choose to purchase a ticket to attend in person, or an online ticket to watch the live-stream. All ticket holders will have on-demand access to the event recording for 14 days.


Laura Anderson | Moderator

Laura Anderson is Chairman of OneGlobalVenture, SVI Global Pty Ltd, G21 Pty Ltd, and the Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology. She is a global thought leader on the development of the creative economy and its impact on future of industry structures, social cohesion, economic innovation, and digital transformation. Laura has worked extensively across governments and industries locally and globally as a senior adviser on global governance, strategy transformation and risk optimisation. Laura is also a Director of several private investment companies and actively supports economic development and innovation through entrepreneurship. She has been an honoured Judge recognising and fuelling innovation globally through the World Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and other future industry development initiatives including Judge of the Global Space Technology Entrepreneur S-Booster Awards and SpaceTide.

Laura is a Governor, Board Member and Chair of the Future Industry initiativeof the American Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Board of the Defence Science Institute. In addition, she has been a long standing, respected principal advisor on strategy, global industry structures, enabling technologies and supply chains to the Australian Defence Force and US National Defence University Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF) in Washington DC.

Please note this event will no longer by moderated by Sara James.

Xavier De Kestelier

Xavier De Kestelier is Head of Design at international design practice Hassell, where he leads design technology and innovation across all disciplines and regions. For the last decade, Xavier has been an industry leader in the field of parametric design, digital fabrication and additive manufacturing. In recent years, Xavier has built up a portfolio of space related architecture for clients such as NASA, ESA and Sierra Space. Xavier is also a Director of Smartgeometry, a non-profit educational organisation for computational design and digital fabrication. Xavier has held academic positions at Syracuse University (London), University of Ghent (Belgium), The Bartlett (London) and Iaac (Barcelona).

Jonathan Irawan

Jonathan Irawan is the Computational Design Lead at Hassell Studio. His body of work specialises around the implementation of experimental and innovative design and construction methodologies, focused around highly responsive adaptive systems, behavioural analysis and simulation. His mission lies in bridging the gap in design technology research between academia and industry implementation, constantly experimenting and prototyping to augment the design process. Having previously worked and gained experience in delivering multidisciplinary projects within Asia, Australia and the UK, he incorporates a wider perspective in the formulation of design solutions. Recently he was engaged in the development of Phase 3 in NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Centennial Challenge to design the first autonomously 3D Printed Habitat, capable of sustaining 4 Astronauts in Mars for one year.