$15 - $22, Bookings Required


Sat 26 Mar
11:00 am – 12:00 pm


2 Booker St, Spotswood VIC, Australia


Auslan Open captioned Wheelchair Access

Astronaut floating in space. Source: Johnson Space Center / NASA

Design Beyond Earth: A human experience in space Past Event

Presented by Scienceworks in collaboration with the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

Design is no longer tethered to Earth, and designers and entrepreneurs are advancing new technologies that consider human interactions and experiences in space. How is design shaping a future where humans spend more time off Earth? Hear from some of the projects helping to explore this future with a focus on human-centred design.

Sara James, National Strategy Director at the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia and Emmy award-winning broadcast journalist, leads a conversation with world-leading innovators in the space industry, exploring human centred design for space.

Before attending the talk, guests can experience the excitement of today’s space missions and the design innovations behind them with a screening of From Dream to Discovery: Inside NASA – a fulldome show presented exclusively for Design Week at the Melbourne Planetarium at Scienceworks.

This event will take place at Scienceworks and will also be streamed online. Guests can choose to purchase a ticket to attend in person, or an online ticket to watch the live-stream. All ticket holders will have on-demand access to the event recording for 14 days.

Planetarium show not included in ticket price but can be added at additional cost.


Dr Nyein Chan Aung

Dr Nyein Chan Aung is an internationally award-winning industrial designer, design researcher and artist. Nyein began his design career at LiftPort Group (Seattle, USA) – a research and technology company focused on developing the Space Elevator. Nyein’s interest in space exploration was furthered during his PhD through collaborations with Monash University, Harvard Medical School, NASA, TEAGUE and Boeing to alleviate sleep challenges found across various aerospace environments. Today, Nyein is a Senior Design Researcher at Monash Design Health Collab, where he spearheads novel health and med-tech designs at the intersection of mobility and healthcare. Nyein is best known for projects including a patented aircraft cabin that improves sleep for economy passengers (PhD Work) and a revolutionary lightweight CT Scanner for use in road and air ambulances to provide early stroke diagnosis.

Lauren Crystal

Lauren Crystal is the Co-founder and Managing Director of the human-centred design and development agency Your Creative. Lauren is redefining the way companies use research to create intelligent brand experiences across a range of industries including scientific research, technology and humanitarian causes, working with clients such as Afterpay, DFAT, Firmus and Victorian Women’s Trust. Lauren was named the Telstra Business Women’s Victorian Emerging Leader of the Year. She is an ongoing contributor for Startup Daily, Hackernoon and Smart Company. Lauren holds a Masters of Social Science from The University of Edinburgh and a post-graduate Fellowship from Central European University in Budapest.

Jonathan Irawan

Jonathan Irawan is the Computational Design Lead at Hassell Studio. His body of work specialises around the implementation of experimental and innovative design and construction methodologies, focused around highly responsive adaptive systems, behavioural analysis and simulation. His mission lies in bridging the gap in design technology research between academia and industry implementation, constantly experimenting and prototyping to augment the design process. Having previously worked and gained experience in delivering multidisciplinary projects within Asia, Australia and the UK, he incorporates a wider perspective in the formulation of design solutions. Recently he was engaged in the development of Phase 3 in NASA’s 3D Printed Habitat Centennial Challenge to design the first autonomously 3D Printed Habitat, capable of sustaining four Astronauts in Mars for one year.

Jane Poynter

Jane Poynter is the Founder and Co-CEO of Space Perspective, a paradigm changing space tourism company based in Titusville, Florida. In this role, Jane is charged with ensuring all those who fly with Space Perspective on Spaceship Neptune experience the most meaningful and memorable journey possible, igniting, and inspiring curiosity leading to a global space perspective. Prior to founding Space Perspective, Jane was part of the original eight-person crew for Biosphere 2 – a research project testing the viability of closed ecological systems to support human life in space on a two-year mission.

Jane was also the founding President of Paragon Space Development Corporation. Almost three decades later Paragon is thriving as a key part of NASA’s human exploration mission to the Moon and Mars developing pioneering life support systems and thermal control products for extreme environments. These systems are used on the International Space Station, by NASA, major aerospace companies and the US military. Jane’s expertise, knowledge and passion are at the core of her drive to have as many people as possible experience and understand our planet from the perspective of space. Almost universally, astronauts recount the profound impact of seeing the Earth in space – it is this experience that invites a vision of a global view of humanity and life on Earth.