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Fri 25 Mar
4:00 pm – 5:30 pm


Homw, 250 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000
250 Flinders Street, Melbourne VIC, Australia

Photo of a passport intervened with the words Is real, I promise.
Is real, I promise
Photo of a passport intervened with the words Feelings
Photo by Carlos Vazquez
Photo of a passport intervened with different names
The names
Photo by Sergio Borja 2021
Photo of the back of a cancelled passport.
The end of a passport
Photo by Carlos Vazquez 2021

Feelings: Creative conflicts around immigration Past Event

Presented by Carlos Vazquez

This talk is the result of a two-year process to understand immigration, decolonisation and gender through the lens of a Latin American designer. It explores different paths used to develop an identity and positionality towards this topic. The final graphic result explores words, phrases and thoughts through different elements and their symbolic connection with Country. The process of conflict also provides spaces to generate workshops like ‘Make identity through play.’ This talk explores in a creative way some of the thoughts and feelings as the result of the displacement of people from their original land.


Carlos Vazquez

Carlos Vazquez is a Latin American UX designer working in the intersection between technology and social issues, like decolonization and gender studies. His practice is centred around the written word while producing work that encompasses workshops, digital & print creations.

In 2019 Carlos received a masters degree from Monash University in Advanced Design Studies and has been collaborating with different higher education universities in Mexico.