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Fri 18 Mar
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Sat 19 Mar
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Mon 21 Mar
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No Order Market
187-193 Elizabeth St, 187-193 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Image courtesy of Shifting Worlds featuring Britta Rouse Designs

Corner Suite II: Art, Furniture and Furnishings Past Event

Presented by No Order Market, Shifting Worlds

To understand any society you must look into their homes. Corner Suite is an honest and exciting vision of what we want in our lives – sustainable, thoughtful and cheerful design. We now know both designers and consumers want products with social integrity. Blurring the lines between domestic and commercial presentation, Corner Suite unabashedly presents these works in the leisure and comfort of a casual setting, where plinths and white rooms are traded for a balancing tension of feeling at home against a new exploration of ideas.

Focusing on designs for the home, Corner Suite showcases works of practicality and ingenuity; design pieces that make inherently good living spaces. The exhibition will show and sell the works of emerging and established designer makers with new designs and unseen works created for this showing.

The exhibition will be open alongside Shifting Worlds, Monday-Saturday 12-5PM.


Another Bureau of Design
Bettina Willner
Billie Civello
Britta Rouse
Hattie Molloy
In Form Library
Julian Leigh May
Laura Clauscen
Lauren Lea Haynes
Max Copolov
Studio Pirrie
Tanika Jellis
Elle Ross (Curator)
Kirra Scotland (Curator)