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Ant(e)room Past Event

Presented by Ilana Razbash, Rachel Iampolski, Savanna Wegman & Ceridwen McCooey

Ant(e)room is an interactive and immersive digital universe blending disciplines of architecture, 3D design, music and academic research. Taking its cues from the socio-spatial experiences of adolescence, which is itself a liminal age, this purpose-built, digital universe explores constructed augmented spaces centring around the spatial and political theme of liminality. As audiences navigate through the digital space they explore in-between realms, dream-worlds and a universe that reflects an oddly familiar moment in time.

Ant(e)room is on view digitally; drop in to the digital universe at any time and explore the virtual liminal spaces and accompanying soundscape at your own time. It is best viewed on a desktop browser and with headphones.

Ant(e)room is accompanied by an online panel discussion featuring the creators of the work on 21 March.


Ceridwen McCooey

Ceridwen McCooey is an award-winning composer and musician specialising in solo cello and electronic looping pedal. She is currently completing her honours at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music.

Ilana Razbash

Ilana Razbash (BArchDes, MArch, ARBV) is an architect, curator and public speaker interested in plurality within architecture and creating public spaces for communities to thrive.

Rachel Iampolski

Rachel Iampolski is a PhD researcher at the Centre for Urban Research, RMIT. She is a curator and creative producer interested in subversive placemaking and translating research into creative spatial outputs. She runs the placemaking lab Public Street.

Savanna Wegman

Savanna Wegman is a digital artist and theatre-maker interested in the interrelation of digital and non-digital scenographies. Savanna is the co-director of STRANGEkit.