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Tolarno Galleries
104 Exhibition St, 104 Exhibition St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Adam and Arthur. Image courtesy Tolarno Galleries

A&A Past Event

Presented by Tolarno Galleries

Tolarno Galleries presents a solo exhibition by A&A – industrial designer and Rigg Prize-winner Adam Goodrum and straw marquetry artisan Arthur Seigneur. The hero piece is the ‘Mother and Child’ cabinet, which explores the dual definitions of emergence – as processes that make something visible after being concealed, or to bring something into existence. The former finds expression in the opening of the cabinet, in the disruption of the undulating form to reveal the recognisable figures of a mother and child. The latter through the symbolism of the lines in the closed form representing a continuum of energy, which is transferred to the mother and child making their existence possible. The space in between, the opening of the cabinet by the viewer, enacts the mystery of this process, evoking palpable surprise and wonder.

This piece is a departure from the riot of colour usually present in their work, as seen in their debut exhibition Exquisite Corpse at MDW 2020. The concentric lines are amplified, accentuating form, while the properties of straw direction create a spectrum of tone and texture within the confines of black and white. The use of graphic, vivid contrast and emergence processes echoes the sensibilities and metamorphosis theme in the work of M.C. Escher and a shared love of visual puzzles.


Adam Goodrum

Australian industrial designer Adam Goodrum has worked with global brands including Cappellini, Alessi and Veuve Cliquot. He was among the first to recognise Seigneur’s unique skill not long after the Parisian arrived in Sydney in early 2015. Goodrum invited Seigneur to collaborate on a reinterpretation of Arne Jacobsen’s iconic Series-7 chair for Cult furniture. Their debut piece, the Bloom (2018) cabinet was first shown at Milan’s Salone del Mobile and is now in the National Gallery of Victoria collection. Their Klaatu (2020) cabinet is in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia. Goodrum won the triennial Rigg Design Prize in 2015, the highest accolade for contemporary design in Australia.

Arthur Seigneur

In the tradition of 17th century French decorative arts, Parisian Arthur Seigneur has spent the past decade refining his craft. A graduate of the prestigious École de la Bonne Graine furniture-making school, he honed his hand as an apprentice first to a harpsichord maker, then to a master restorer. But it was while working alongside marquetry artiste Lison de Caunes, grand-daughter of renowned Art Deco designer André Groult, that Seigneur developed the craft which would become his calling: marqueterie de paille – straw marquetry.