Tantri Mustika and Megan McNeill

We are textile designer Megan McNeill and ceramicist Tantri Mustika, with aligned values and complimentary aesthetics across our practices. Central to both of our creative practices is a commitment to slow craftsmanship and sustainable processes.

Tantri Mustika is a Melbourne based ceramicist who makes a range of unique and colourful ceramics. Incorporating the use of meticulously hand stained and marbled clays that mimic characteristics of natural stones, combined with age old hand building methods and unexpected use of colour, Tantri’s work comes together to create sophisticated, yet exciting forms that can be used and admired in everyday life.

Megan McNeill is a Melbourne based textile designer who specialises in surface pattern and has designed prints for many commercial clients across homewares and fashion. More recently, she launched her own homewares brand Trinket Solo in response to designing mass-market products and wanting to explore new processes and offer more unique and handcrafted pieces. Her collection currently includes hand tufted wool cushions, rugs, bolsters and custom woven tapestry fabrics.

We have a long formed relationship as both friends and designers. As our practices have developed individually, we have always cross checked and run ideas past each other throughout the design process and we have good foundations for giving and receiving feedback. Through the way we’ve helped each other over the years in our own practices, we have established the potential for collaboration between us, having a similar approach to design, appreciation of the hand made process, and like-mindedness in use of colour.