Sight Ceramics

I, Rukaiya, am the founder and sole trader of the social enterprise, Sight Ceramics. My vision is to create a world of handmade textured ceramics that support the visually impaired. The idea of Sight Ceramics was shaped by my experience volunteering at NextSense (previously known as the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children). Here, I witnessed the difference NextSense make in the lives of visually impaired children and the importance of textures for the visually impaired in understanding and connecting with the world around them. Recalling one particular moment that inspired me was when I was sitting beside a visually and hearing impaired six-year-old boy who was reading a picture book filled with different textures and the pure joy on his face while he was reading. Sight Ceramics’ Braille Line Collection includes functional ceramics targeted for both the visually impaired and general public, such as Braille Tea/Coffee/Sugar storage pots. My other textured ceramics celebrate the various ways to connect with our environment through our tactile sensation. As a ceramicist, I primarily wheel throw functional ceramics that aim to raise awareness about visual impairment. Sight Ceramics donates all proceeds equally between two not-for-profit organisations; Sight for All and Next Sense.