Shivoham creates from the belief we all have the capacity to share unique gifts with the world, for this reason we make the worlds finest and unique mala garlands designed with a specific energy and story to inspire the wearer to discover these gifts within.

These jewellery pieces, called Malas are based upon traditional garlands and ancient tools that assist meditation and self-reflection. Shivoham Malas have been gaining wider acceptance as they help the wearer understand their life purpose and feel empowered to contribute to the world around them.

Shivoham Malas are made with rare and exclusive gemstones – opal, tanzanite and rubies are in our current collection. They each have the rare and sacred see Rudraksha from the Himalayas and an extensive range of AAA Grade crystals ensuring 108 beads per piece.

Shivoham mala garlands are tailored for modern work life situations, frequently worn by professionals as a reminder of greater energy and peace of mind as they pursue their positive life path.