Sarah Luong

I am an Architectural Graduate with a fervent obsession of design solutions for a better world- Forward thinking by the advances of technology is a gateway to designing the world we want. My core design philosophy has always been designing for the wellbeing and flourishing of humans without the expense of the environment. Our symbiotic relationship with our immediate surrounding has been shown to be beneficial for our wellbeing, happiness and success as shown through biophilia. This was a concept that I integrated in my Master of Architecture degree thesis, whereby I explored Indigenous connection to country and the similarities of biophilia in architecture.
My interest in advanced technologies enabled me to pragmatically execute built and tangible objects consistent with respect for the environment principles. This is evident in my latest work in 3D Printing with clay. Materiality is a fundamental aspect of sustainable design, clay is a natural resource that can be reused, recycled and is also durable. Its impact on the environment is far less than that of plastics (frequently used in 3D Printing) and glass (as Neri Oxman used in The Vespers Series at NGV Triennial).
As an Architectural Graduate, I am experienced with executing complex theoretical concepts through design and artistic objects. I rely on Rhino 3D and Grasshopper for concept design before building the designs with 3D Printers. This process can be seen through my work in my portfolio, particularly: Studio Air (3rd year architecture subject at the Melbourne School of Design) and for my Master of Architecture (University of Newcastle) final year thesis.
My latest exploration of 3D Printing with clay rose from a workshop with Alterfact Studio (Melbourne), and now I’m in the process of building my own 3D Clay Printer, principally through Jonathan Keep’s methods. I am also inspired by my overseas architectural counterparts, James Clarke-Hicks and Isabel Ochoa, whereby they recently held an Architectural Association workshop in Toronto on 3D Clay Printing. My exploration of using different materials for 3D printing began with ABS, PLA, Nylon, before progressing to more sustainable materials such as Clay.
With the current climate crises, new problems demand different ways of thinking and it is exciting to implement the architectural process as one possible method of problem solving.