Roseanne Bartley

Roseanne Bartley thinks through jewellery in the round, approaching adornment as a dynamic cultural space that involves materials, objects, bodies, actions, histories and publics in complex mutable arrangements. Her multi-modal approach, facilitated by studio and public making, merges the principles of a modernist craft ethic with methods of speculative and participatory design. Her interest is with providing an alternate means through which to explore the tangible and intangible effects of preciousness, ornamentation, language and labour.

Roseanne completed a funded practice-based PhD at RMIT’s School of Architecture and Urban Design in 2018

Her work has featured in national and international exhibitions, publications and festivals. Selected exhibitions include: Body layer Semblance and Self. Curator Simon Cottrell Craft ACT (2021); The Language of Things; The Dowse Art Museum Wellington (2018); After Wearing: A History of Gestures, Actions and Jewelry – Curator Damien Skinner and Monica Gasper Pratt Institute, New York (2015); Unexpected Pleasures – Curator Su-san Cohn National Gallery of Victoria and the Design Museum, UK (2012-13); and Melbourne Now – NGV (2013–14).

Roseanne’s work resides in collections of the NGV, Powerhouse Museum and Toowoomba Regional Gallery and has been supported by Australian Council (2001, 2004, 2006, 2012) and Arts Victoria (2001, 2008).