Rhys Cooper, James Walsh and Zachary Hanna

Rhys Cooper is a furniture, lighting and object designer. Establishing his studio in 2016, Rhys utilises a range of high quality materials and processes working with local Australian industry and craftspeople. Rhys is driven to create dynamic and original work that is a harmonious balance between artistic integrity and producibility. His collection of work looks to create conversation and to start a new dialogue.
                                                                                                                                  Zachary Hanna is a Sydney-based designer who creates objects, products and furniture. Hanna’s design process centres on investigating the way in which people interact with the objects around them and exploring this relationship throughout his work to produce functional and beautiful solutions.
                                                                                                                                  James is a Melbourne based industrial designer. Having graduated from RMIT with first class Honours in 2017, James has accumulated over six years of experience in various furniture and lighting companies and exhibited in various exhibitions including the Salon Satellite in Milan. Currently James is working with leading design house, Vert Design, while also undertaking various side projects and exhibitions that demonstrate his experimental approach to design.