REELIZE.STUDIO is a Melbourne based interdisciplinary media art ensemble specialising in Media Architecture, Biophilic Design and Audio/Visual Performance. The studio’s passion for the experiential combines new production techniques and design processes to craft mesmerising structures and spectacles.

Pioneering multi-sensory aesthetics, the studio crafts exceptional experiences that captivate audiences and generate lasting impressions. The ensemble’s process is founded on interactive imagery, which is developed with an extensive understanding of spatial composition and perception to assemble unparalleled immersive environments.

The studio is also a leader in the field of deep visualisation, utilising machine learning workflows to synthesise images with an artist’s sensibilities and the power of neural networks. The core of the studio’s work explores media’s integrated potential and disrupts the barriers between art, architecture, science and technology.

The emerging studio has quickly achieved a range of innovative outcomes and large-scale projects. These include a headline collaborative show with Sleep D at Sun Cycle Festival, 9DIMES, an audio/visual dance show with two sold-out shows at Arts Centre Melbourne; an environmental responsive media artwork displayed on the Cato Square Pipes, Prahran; a parametric digital painting for the University of the Sunshine Coast; digital scenography for Melbourne Fashion Week; S3, an immersive light and sound installation for The Strand Arcade, Melbourne; lighting design for series of kiosks in Singapore; and light installations for events such as Soft Centre, Planet X and VIVID Sydney. Recently the studio developed the inaugural media artwork for the 2021 Media Architecture Biennale’s winning work for Animated Architecture – the new Digital Facade of Science Gallery Melbourne.