Poppy Somers

My name is Poppy Somers and I am an environmental activist and realist visionary who practices within the medium of fashion design to communicate my ideas and reflections regarding the human-environment interactions of society. Originally from Mooro (Perth), but now living in Naarm (Melbourne), my deep connection to the environment around me stems from engaging in environmental protests, planting trees, and clearing rubbish around me from the age of nine.

Currently in my graduate year of the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) at RMIT, I create garments inspired by global environmental issues to gain attention from the public towards the important theme behind each project. I aim to assist the viewer in developing reflexivity into their own life toward their individual relationship with the planet and the environment around them. Using sustainable materials such as bioplastics, up-cycled and found materials, I design thoughtful collections that minimise their impact on the environment in order to highlight the urgency and need for societal change.