Louis Nuccitelli

Originally from Melbourne, Louis relocated to Sydney early in 2019 after completing his Master’s degree in Architecture and Design at RMIT University in Melbourne.

Louis’ thesis, equally titled “Beyond The Selfie” both questions and embraces the implications social media has on architecture, winning both the AIA Victorian Graduate Prize in 2019 and the RMIT Antonia Brunz Medal in 2018.. Cities once imagined through stories and first-hand experiences are now constructed through a patchwork of imagery fed to us via social media. We carry multiple cities in our pockets, populated by the views of people we may never meet. What is the consequence or benefit of this condition?

As of late 2021, Louis has returned to Melbourne permanently and will be continuing the exploration of his thesis topic by means of a panel discussion for Melbourne Design Week 2022.

Passionate and driven by all that falls within the realm of design and creativity; art, music, fashion, architecture, media, pop culture, marketing, communications and everything in between, Louis has worked across multiple industries over the last three years, primarily in relationship management, becoming a small business owner and launching a card game into the Australian market.

If you would like to reach out, please do not hesitate to email [email protected]