Collectible contemporary design
Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert

Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert opened in August 2019 in Sydney, and focuses on both visual art and collectible design. It was founded by Sally Dan-Cuthbert, a Sydney art advisor of 30 years’ standing.

The gallery represents contemporary artists and designers from Australia and New Zealand who live locally or abroad. Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert’s program includes solo and group exhibitions by emerging, mid-career and established artists and designers who are interested in pushing boundaries and making us consider the world the work reflects or engages with. The artists and designers represented by the gallery are selected for international museum exhibitions and biennials and are found in the collections of private collectors and public galleries around the world.

For the Melbourne Design Fair, Gallery Sally Dan-Cuthbert presents new works by Adam Markowitz, Damien Wright, Jonathan West, Don Cameron, Ivana Taylor, Michael Gittings, Olive Gill-Hille, Rive Roshan, Tarryn Gill and David Tate, Trent Jansen and Johnny Nargoodah, Zhu Ohmu, and Abdullah M. I. Syed.

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