Cinda Manins Studio

I am a contemporary ceramicist who creates individual statement pieces and landscape installations. I hand build abstract, expressionist, sculptural forms with a focus on surface, texture, modelling and mark making. Assembling them, combined with lighting, sound, and digital photography, I pursue a narrative exploring contrasting concepts of time (eg. biological vs geological) and comment on the relationship between Humanity and the Earth. In my work the surface textures celebrate scars of the past as authentic marks of lived experience and a pathway to growth and progress. As the daughter of a leading CSIRO climate scientist, I feel deeply about the climate crisis and am committed to communicating my position on it in my work. In line with my Humanist philosophy, my work asks audiences to consider the choices they make on a daily basis. Humanism is the practice of ethical and respectful choices, of recognising oneself as part of the greater whole of society. Humanism aims for maximum possible fulfilment through the cultivation of ethical and creative living. It offers a rational means of addressing the challenges of our times. I embrace the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi - the quintessential Japanese aesthetic philosophy, it nurtures all that is authentic by acknowledging three simple realities; nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.