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Christopher Boots Studio

Christopher Boots Studio

Established in Melbourne in 2011, Christopher Boots Studio was founded on the material exploration of quartz crystal, birthing a signature aesthetic. The studio’s exploration of the relationships between architecture, symbology and the crystalline geometry found in nature offers a constant source of inspiration for contemporary design works celebrating pattern, structure and symmetry.

All lighting and object design works by the studio are hand-made with care, with a diverse team of skilled artisans. Collaborations with glassblowers, coppersmiths, ceramicists, sculptors and bronze casters ensure a commitment to quality and underscore an investigative sensibility, giving rise to an often unexpected aesthetic.

Design, prototyping and fabrication takes place in the Melbourne studios, and merges traditional and innovative materials with various techniques, creating works of significance for transforming interior spaces.

For Melbourne Design Fair, Christopher Boots Studio presents a selection of one-off and limited-edition design works including a cabinet, screen and light.

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