Collectible contemporary design
C. Gallery

C. Gallery

Under the creative direction of founder Rachael Fry, known for her considered selection of atelier-based brands for Melbourne design showroom Criteria, C. Gallery opened its doors in late 2021, to prominent and emerging artists, both Australian and international, working to elevate quotidian mediums through unexpected forms. Through this newly expanded focus, C. Gallery shows sculpture and decorative and applied arts as a natural complement to Criteria’s longstanding interest in collectible design and art.

C. Gallery seeks to challenge the delineation between traditional collecting categories in order to more accurately reflect the sensibilities and tastes of the highly engaged Australian art and design community. Committed to exhibiting works that exemplify the high standards of artistry, coherence of vision and technique that have been the hallmarks of Criteria’s collection since its founding, C. Gallery focuses on introducing new and important artists while maintaining a strong connection to Criteria’s original intent.

For the Melbourne Design Fair 2022, C. Gallery presents new ceramic works by New Zealand–born, Melbourne-based Ben Mazey.

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