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Broached Commissions

Broached Commissions

Established in 2011 in Melbourne by Creative Director Lou Weiss, Broached Commissions was founded as a creative agency whose purpose is to commission, design and produce ambitious and finely crafted, collectable applied-arts pieces with the capacity to reflect on or disrupt the traditions of design. Through a series of thematically rich collections, Broached Commissions has cemented a position that is unique in the world of Australian design. Each Broached collection is anchored within an overarching creative framework, providing a sounding board against which designers propose and realise design works with renowned craftspeople and the Broached team, including Laura Clauscen, Lana Jones, Amelia Griffin-Toovey and Matisse Mitelman.   

For the Melbourne Design Fair 2022, Broached Commissions launches the third edition of the Broached Recall collection. Each piece is a dialogue between the past and present, drawing attention to the global timber industry, historical use of veneer and the material technology of the present. This new limited-edition collection of cabinets has been meticulously crafted from antique Italian timbers by Federico Gregorutti and feature a complex inlaid pattern created by typographic artist and designer John Warwicker.

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