Presented by Friends & Associates

Self Portrait presented 22 self-portraits by Australian creatives, telling us who they are in the moment. Creatives were encouraged to think about their personal and professional selves, representing themselves in a single object.

Over the past five years, Friends & Associates has presented six exhibitions that have asked creatives to think about issues ranging from environmental degradation to intellectual property theft. For this exhibition they were asked to only think about themselves.

Contributors include Jonathan Ben-Tovim, Kristin Burgham, Andrew Carvolth, Rosanna Ceravolo, Dale Hardiman and Mark Dineen, Danielle Brustman and Jonathan Ellery, Tom Fereday, Jordan Fleming, Ross Gardam, Jon Goulder and Henry Williams, Tom Hancocks, Den Holm, Claudia Lau, James Lemon, P.A.M. (Perks and Mini), Fiona Lynch, Elliat Rich, Makiko Ryujin, Cordon Salon, Skeehan Studio, Studio Tops, ACV Studio, Charlie White, and Damien Wright.

Friends & Associates focuses on camaraderie in the Australian contemporary design discipline. Friends & Associates is an ongoing process-based project formed by Dale Hardiman and Tom Skeehan in 2017.