Designing the Circular Economy

Presented by NGV and Sustainability Victoria, Designing the Circular Economy celebrates the role of innovators, policy makers, and consumers to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The first of an ongoing series that highlights the role of design in reshaping economies, audiences will hear from design driven innovators creating a more sustainable economy. The big question on the day – can we put an end to outmoded attitudes and practices that harm the planet? How can antiquated business models and industrial systems be drastically re-designed?   Three events make up the program. Two moderated panel discussions will take a deep dive into the implications of circularity for fashion and product design, and construction and demolition respectively. The symposium will conclude with an international presentation by Sarah Ichioka joining us live from Singapore to share the ideas behind her new book Flourish co-authored with Michael Pawlyn. Speakers will discuss their experiences, challenges, and insights in implementing world leading circular design solutions and innovations at a variety of locations, sectors, and operational scales.