Zaynab Derakhshani

I like to introduce myself as a creator and story-teller, as a person whose biggest passion is to create stories and bring her ideas to life. But I am also a scientist. That means I am paying attention to various aspects when I am creating art! So, I am determined to create modern pieces that are beyond being just beautiful. I love to tell stories that can be also adornments! I think it is important to wear jewellery that means something and that was the main reason that I have begun the journey of becoming an enamellist and jeweller.

On the other hand, I care about the planet, nature and human being! So, I have gradually paid more attention to use ethical supplies in the jewellery I make such as ethically-sourced gemstones and also, use recycled materials and particularly metals. I always buy my metals from a supplier who uses recycled metals or I recycle them myself.

My favourite subjects are natural subjects and also cityscapes that I redefine, and sometimes their combination. I am also interested to represent moments and feelings in my wearable art pieces using abstract forms.

In addition to the common metalsmithing techniques, there are certain techniques that have revolutionized the way I form and represent my ideas. First, chasing and repoussé techniques that are usually used together and are great to create the design and make dimensional forms. I am also an enthusiastic enamellist and use various enamelling techniques. Enamelling is an ancient art and broadly speaking, it is the best way of fusing glass on metal. Enamelling brings colour to my art in a magical way!

Finally, I should emphasize that I am an immigrant here in Australia, and I am usually in contact with scientists as I am a part-time academic. That is my wish to get to know other artists and art enthusiasts and be able to communicate with them and I hope Melbourne Design week gives me this opportunity.